Things get personal in the gloom. More about that later.

Conditions: 17* and crispy

Pax: Fridge, Pork Chop, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Wham, Snowman (Q)

With the Mutt staying true to form, we had 2 pax at 5:28 and 6 pax by 5:30.

After the disclaimer, We moseyed around to the parking lot for COP.

SSH, Imperial Waller’s, Grass Grabbers, downward dog and into runners stretch. Glen Ross mentioned that it was identical to Geppetto’s Q the day before. I do take a lot of inspiration from Geppetto, but I didn’t make it out to his Q yesterday. Apparently we both so old man stretches during COP.

Next thing, grab coupons and line up along the portico. We used the coupons for curls, overhead presses, squats, thrusters and big boys on the portico side, and in between exercises, run to the other side for merkins, lunges, Booby Hurley’s, spider merkins and LBC’s.

Next, prison run down Leland, stopping at each light post for 10 prisoner squats. This is where the mumble chatter turns really personal. Glen Ross, in an attempt to find out what Plumb Bobs 2.0’s F3 name is, asked “what did they call him when he came out?” Plumb Bob, confided, thinks Glen Ross is asking about the moment he was born. That led into deeper comments about his M’s labor and delivery room conditions. Plumb Bob does live in Indiana, so there may be a language barrier (said the guy from Alabama). His 2.0’s F3 name is T-ball by the way.

Next, back to the portico for a few more coupon exercises and finish with a squat time-bomb, holding Al Gore while not squatting. After the prisoner squats, that wasn’t a good idea.

Next, we put the coupons up and had about 7 minutes of Mary; Flutter kicks, elevators, plank, shoulder taps and Freddy Mercury.

Back to the flag for COR, NOR, announcements, intentions and closing words. Wham has a law partner with heart issues to keep in our prayers. I mention the 23 in Alabama killed in the tornado this week.

Plumb Bob mentions a pre-WO ruck in the morning. SYITG.

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