05:30: County playground
Weather: Cold. Dry. 15 deg F. Shout out to SkyQ who raised it to a manageable 16 deg F before we finished.
PAX: McAfee, Big Bird, Valdez, Alexa, Wildflower, Peyton (DR PAX from NW Indiana – Welcome), and Crock Pot (Q)
After welcoming our Down Range brother Peyton and laying a disclaimer, it was time to get underneath some iron.
Warm Up:
25 Side Straddle Hops (IC)
15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
Kendra Newman (OYO)
15 Sprinklers (IC)
15 Air Presses (IC)
15 Toy Soldiers (IC)
15 Slooowwwww Grass Grabbers (IC)
The Thang:
Count off into groups, 1’s and 2’s. When your group does the A exercise, you set the count for the entire group. The group doing exercise B does them AMRAP.
3 rounds of:
[A] Thrusters – 10 count [B] Dubya’s* (W pullup) AMRAP
3 rounds of:
[A] Kettlebell Swings – 10 count [B] Dips AMRAP
3 rounds of:
[A] Back Extensions – 10 count [B] Bench Press AMRAP
3 rounds of:
[A] Alternating Lunge – 5 count each leg [B] Pullover AMRAP
3 rounds of:
[A] Side Lunge – 5 count each leg [B] Weighted LBC’s AMRAP
3 rounds of:
[A] Bent Over Rows – 10 count [B] Planked Shoulder Taps AMRAP
The clock read 06:14, so we celebrated the last few seconds with a round of 7 BOYO’s to show my gratitude for the 7 HIMs who braved the cold this morning.
This morning we knew it would be cold. Our hammy’s and glutes were toast from yesterday (Hat Tip – Kilo), and I knew that two variations of weighted lunges awaited us this morning. We did them anyway. We do the hard stuff now because we have the perspective that it makes us better in the long run.
Today is Ash Wednesday, beginning the season where we celebrate a Savior who came and took my (your) place on the cross, and then was resurrected in glory. He knew it would be hard. He did it anyway. With an eternal perspective, he came, bled, and died for you and me, even though we didn’t deserve it. There never has been an HC like that. Joel 2:12 says, “Even now”, declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart”. Perspective.
Intentions: including Worm’s M and newborn 2.0, Wildflower’s M, 2 members of Peyton’s family.
Thanks to SkyQ for everything given to us. Give us the perspective to do the hard things. Give us an opportunity to do the things that make an eternal impact.
*Per McAfee’s suggestion, the “Dubya” has been submitted to HQ as a proposed new exercise. It’s a pull up variation. The first ‘up’ is toward your left hand. The second ‘up’ is a normal pull up in the middle. The third ‘up’ is toward your right hand. Your chin traces the letter Dubya (W), aye?
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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