January Ruck- 1/22/202- Big 4 Bridge Star Course

It’s finally 2021, so let’s begin to look forward and longer speak of the “Year That Shall Not Be Named.”  The best way to get this year off to a rucking good start is the commencement of the regular scheduled Monthly Rucks. To start the year off we will be doing a 12 Mile StarContinue reading “January Ruck- 1/22/202- Big 4 Bridge Star Course”

12/28/2019 Backblast The Hurt at The Mutt

The temperature was hot enough to melt any snowman that day, but 7 pax beat the fart sack and came out for a light run. Thing 1: partner with coupon for Dora. Partner 1 runs to the other end of the parking lot and does 10 box jumps while partner 2 starts 100 overhead presses.Continue reading “12/28/2019 Backblast The Hurt at The Mutt”

5/4 The Hurt @ The Mutt- work off those bourbons and bad decisions before The Derby

We know the days will lead to lots of bourbon, bad bets and other bad decisions. Why not start the day with a good decision. We’ll make room for the mint juleps, old fashions, Makers Mark cigars, pulled pork sandwiches and what ever else you get into later in the day. There may even beContinue reading “5/4 The Hurt @ The Mutt- work off those bourbons and bad decisions before The Derby”

3/6/2019 Blender Back Blast at The Mutt

Things get personal in the gloom. More about that later. Conditions: 17* and crispy Pax: Fridge, Pork Chop, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Wham, Snowman (Q) With the Mutt staying true to form, we had 2 pax at 5:28 and 6 pax by 5:30. After the disclaimer, We moseyed around to the parking lot for COP.Continue reading “3/6/2019 Blender Back Blast at The Mutt”

2/9 Hurt back blast- Soup Sandwich with Snowman

I hear Snowman has the Q, surely there won’t be any running. Unfortunately for everyone I decided to borrow Methane’s “soup sandwich” for the Indian BO last weekend. Conditions: 19 but dry A few of the pax had done a pre workout run and were finishing up just as Geppetto is strolling up. I sayContinue reading “2/9 Hurt back blast- Soup Sandwich with Snowman”

Norton Commons BO 8/24

Pax: Snowman (Q), Mamas Boy, Big Bird, Valdez, Alexa, Swifty, Uncle Rico, Amelia, Airplane, Milton, Meter Maid Conditions: a bit chilly I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone when I Q, so I wanted to work some running and burpees on my Q days. It throws off the Pax when they hearContinue reading “Norton Commons BO 8/24”

8/18 The Hurt backblast

16 PAX, 1 FNG: Meatball, Backdraft, Wig (FNG), Snowman, Wham-O, Windshield, Zonka, Escort, Tongue, Mouth, Sump Pump, Spinal Tap, Left Eye, Fridge, Soft Top, Miagi. Time and Temp: 7:00 AM and 70ish Pre WO consisted of making sure I had the Q that morning because Geppetto thought it was OJ, and some mumble chatter aboutContinue reading “8/18 The Hurt backblast”

Sweat off the KY State Fair food and beer at La Mutt with Snowman. Saturday 8/18 7:00-8:00

Come to the Mutt to sweat out the doughnut burgers, fried Oreos and cheap beer from the midway. Leave the daisy dukes and cowboy boots and home, grab your running shoes and a tank if that’s your desire. Just get to the Mutt to get good’r #mutt #getgooder #newbootgoofen

Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB

Pax: Star Child (Q), Thumbtack (VR), Zima, Snowman There were decisions to be made before we start the ruck: flag placement, whether to head east or west, how to rotate the sand bag, etc. However, one of the best decisions of the night was the application of Glide to the nether regions, Star Child madeContinue reading “Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB”

5/22 Rooster Pre-Blast Snowman in for the injured Grinder

There is a beat down happening tomorrow at the Rooster for anyone interested. This will happen promptly at 5:30 AM. There will be things happening and then a few more things. There may or may not be a trip to the backside hill with a guest appearance from Jack Webb. In the end you’ll be good’rContinue reading “5/22 Rooster Pre-Blast Snowman in for the injured Grinder”