Rooster Backblast with Snowman Q

T7YEEYF My first Q was a co-Grinder/Snowman deal at the Mutt almost 11 weeks ago. This being my first solo Q, I needed to bring the beatdown. At 5:20 I was feeling sore from the Fat Amy at Posh the previous day. But as more of the Pax started pulling into the HT parking lot, the juices started flowing.

Pax: Bean Counter, Cow Bell, Old Bay, Scratch, Steerage, Noxzema Jackson, Deuce, Mad Cow, Tiger, Escort, Sherpa, Curley, Tureen, Wham-O, Pepperoni, Snowman (YHC)

Conditions: 74* and about 105% humidity

Quick disclaimer followed by a mosey around the school for some COP.

Pax circled up for:

20 Plank Jacks

20 Copper Head Squats

15 Merkins

Abe Vegoda’s- IC

Downward Dog

Thing 1- Grab a coupon and partner up. The partners alternated between 100 curls, 200 chest presses, and 200 rows. The other partner moseyed to the playground for 10 pull ups, switching up until completion. Then, everyone did 100 LBCs. We deviated from the weinke in the interest of time. Had to move on to Thing 2.


Thing 2- Everyone grab a coupon and mosey to the back of the field to the hill for some Jack Web. 1 big boy sit up at the bottom and 4 thrusters at the top (modify as needed). Due to the recent rain, the hill proved challenging for some. Tiger slid a few times going down. Or he just wanted to join Grinder on the IR. Either way, he pushed through with everyone and got us to the end.

Mosey back and retire the coupons and get on your 6 for Mary.

Flutter kicks- IC

10 Merkins- OYO

Gas Pumps- IC

10 Merkins- OYO

See the pattern. Repeat and add some American Hammers and Pfiffer Kicks between OYO Merkins.

In the end we left good’r than when we arrived. It was only a few weeks ago that we were asking for warm weather. Its here, along with nearly 100% humidity. I’m now missing the temp in the teens just a little.


Count O Rama

Name O Rama

Announcement- Black Ops at Mary T and Norton Commons, check slack

Intentions- Weedwack and his family as his son goes through cancer treatment in Cincinnati. Noxzema Jackson as his 2 year old son goes through medical treatment in Cincinnati this week. Tiger’s friend dealing with Cancer.

F Cancer!!!

Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this group of extraordinary men.

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