Ducks 2.0: Nugget Qs the Carp

Well, this was my 3rd Q in 4 days, so I needed to lean on some previous backblasts to get some inspiration. And it dawned on me, very few of the Pax were around for my first Q, which I centered around 2 things: Ducks on the Pond and Tabata. They needed an upgrade

Q: Nugget

Pax: Zartan, Scuba Steve, Flo Jo, OJ, Flounder, Situation, Shiplap, Nickelback, Nugget

And yes, No CI. So guess what, I am the Captain now… At least for today.

Gearlander: Nike Pegasus, Mudgear no shows, Adidas black tights, Adidas black shorts, and a historically accurate Tank. (Lincoln loves some beer pong)

I pulled up after the least amount of effort possible to set up a Q. Flo Jo and Flounder were there waiting. I disclaimed to the 7 we had and 2 more rolled in right at start time. We lunge walked to pick the up and did a Do Ah Diddy run to the Parking Lot behind the admin building.

Do ah Diddy: kind of a reverse Indian Run where the leading Pax squats AMRAP until passed by the 6. Then tells 6 and the leader begins and so on.


Kendra Newmans

Abe Vigodas IC

2 count Squats IC


Thang 1: Ducks on the Pond 2.0

We paired up with one group of 3 for Ducks. There isn’t a softball field around so I set up 4 cones serving as the bases. From home to first, lunge walk, 1st to 2nd, Carioca, 2nd to 3rd, Burpee broad jump, 3rd to home, run.

Only one group per base at a time and while waiting your turn, Flutter kicks or Merkin of some sort.

And the final upgrade: 9 innings (rounds)

The sweat was flowing, or YHC was crying, couldnt tell. But everyone spoke highly of the Burpee broad jumps. Not a lot of recovery time with a smaller Pax. At one point, the question was posed, “what does ducks on the pond have to do with baseball?” Well it is in reference to the bases being loaded. Afterward, Flounder let me know that his contempt for baseball was even worse after today.

Next we lined up in 2 rows for some Burpee Dan’s about halfway up the driveway. Moseyed through the playground/date spot so we could finish what I had planned for Thang 2

Thang 2: deteriorating tabatas

10 rounds or to failure of a set reps of an exercise losing 5 seconds of rest each round.

Hand release Merkins 12 (all failed and I can feel it as I type) we made it through about 6 rounds and Situation through 7

LBCs 20: all completed and that meant we finished with 200 LBCs in less than six minutes to call it a day.


Situation was eager to tell us why he got his name, and based on the accent, we probably could’ve guessed. Announcements about the Ruck Friday and HDHH moving to Gerstles.

We spoke of Flounders Aunt, Abacus wife and Vince with his battle in Cincy. YHC thanked the group for allowing him to lead.

Naked Moleskin

Guys, I love Qing. I love impacting each of the Pax day by showing everyone what we are all capable of. It is a daunting task at times, and yeah, I was nervous the first time I Qd. A group of Men, way stronger than myself, allowing me to determine the way they will get better is incredibly humbling and incredibly powerful. I only had one repeat Pax on the 3 groups I Qd this week. And at every one, there were HIMs ready to work, supporting this incredible group. So first off, thank you for the gift of leading you fine men. And second, get out and Q. It’s time to either do your next one, or do your first.

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