8/18 The Hurt backblast

16 PAX, 1 FNG: Meatball, Backdraft, Wig (FNG), Snowman, Wham-O, Windshield, Zonka, Escort, Tongue, Mouth, Sump Pump, Spinal Tap, Left Eye, Fridge, Soft Top, Miagi.

Time and Temp: 7:00 AM and 70ish

Pre WO consisted of making sure I had the Q that morning because Geppetto thought it was OJ, and some mumble chatter about CI’s competing Q and how they didn’t expect Snowman to have much running and little if any burpees. After Geppetto Unfortunately they hasn’t seen my winke. I decided at the last minute to swerve and do something outside of my box.


30 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Grass grabbers

Runners stretch, both sides

Thing 1: mosey down Brookefield to St. Matthews Ave, then right onto Leland and to the prayer garden for coupons. Oh, and let’s do 5 burpees at each street light.

In full transparency, I didn’t expect there to be so many streetlights in that short of a run. Had to modify to squats for the last couple of lights.

Thing 2: get coupons and get into 4 groups of 4. We had two Pax with 2.0’s and a total of 16. Should be easy. Somehow we had 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 7. Oh well, this isn’t a math club.

Each group would run between the four corners of the school. Station 1, 25 squats with coupon; station 2, incline merkins; station 3, LBC,s; station 4, overhead presses. Rinse and repeat.

Thing 3: after returning the coupons, line up for a plank/broad jump inch worm. From one end to the other, then back, but change broad jump to lunge walk. Sump and a few others decided to get EC and go with the best crawl.

Circle up for Mary

We did a bunch of things and always 5 big boys between each set. The last 5 minutes I asked the Pax to call out some different exercises. Spinal Tap called for Hill Billy’s, hoping to skip the big boys. No such luck.

Circle up for COR, NOR, announcements, intentions, closing words.

Meatball reminder everyone to reach out to talk to someone when things get tough. He’s and Backdraft had a friend who was buried a year and one day before.

Spinal Tap shared some knowledge on dehydration. If you start getting headaches late in the day, don’t just drink water. Grab a Gatorade or something eighth electrolytes. Even adding salt to water to help replace the electrolytes.

Prayers for intentions spoken and not spoken. Thanking the big Q for the strength to get out and get better each day. Don’t take that for granted.

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