08.18.18 Backblast from Shelby County. Old Bay at the Helm.

Short on time this morning, short back blast.  I was pumped to roll out to Bayside to deliver an Old Bay beat down.  I scouted the location on Friday afternoon on my way back from Lexington.  I was getting some strange looks from the staff as I circled the parking lot multiple times.  I decided to get out of there before authorities were called in.  Later that evening, after a few Friday night wobbly-pops, my Weinke was ready.

PAX: (11) Star Child, Fanny Pack, Glaucoma, Grandpa Bear, Thumbtack, Mr. Hat, Methane, Spaghetti-O (FNG), Banana Bread, ShuttleCock, Old Bay (QIC)

COP: 25 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, 10 V Ups.  Repeat.

Thang 1: Burpee Mile.  East parking lot is a .25 mile lap.  4 laps, Burpees each half lap.  10, 9, 8, 7, etc…down to 1.  Boom!  Strong start to the morning.

Thang 2: Go get coupons, and assemble in the West parking lot.  4 stations.  #1 sprint 50 yards, Bernie Sanders back, #2 Blockees, #3 DaVincis, #4 Hand over hand Merkins.  When runners return, everyone rotates.  2 full rounds.  This is going well, let’s do it again.  #1 Bernie Sanders out, Sprint back.  #2 Thrusters, #3 Flutter Kicks, #4 Merkin+Groiner.  Got through 2 full rounds of this as well.  Our FNG Spaghetti-O was killing it here.  Excellent work.

Thang 3:  Running short on time, mosey up to the front of school.  Everyone find some curb for Round the clock Merkins.  5 incline, 5 offset, 5 decline, 5 offset.  Eek – shoulders are feeling it.  Let’s do it again, with 3, 3, 3, and 3.  Now move over to the wall for what else?  Box Jump time bomb.  10 jumps, all the way down to 1.

Thang 4:  2 minutes left.  Mosey to flag for Mary.  LBCs, Pfifer kicks, and some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.

COR, NOR.  Welcome FNG Spaghetti-O!  Ask him how he passionately defended a late night dinner one time in college.  Announcements, Intentions.  I took us out with a prayer of gratitude for everything we have been blessed with.  Thanks for having me out to Bayside, it was great to get after it with you guys.  I’ll be back!

~Old Bay

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