5/4 BB for The Hurt

There was no DQ at the Mutt on Derby Day.

Conditions- 61 and overcast.

Pax- Soft Top, Deuce, Grinder, Backdraft, Windshield, Tureen, Snowman (Q). (Geppetto walked out of his back gate to say hello in his slippers. He opted to go back to bed instead of joining us).

Four Pax started at 6:30 for a Grinder EC 2 mile run. Little did he know, my winke had a lot of running planned too.

After the disclaimer, we moseyed around the school for COP.

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog and Runners stretch and ending with 10 mountain climbers.

Next, we grab coupons and line up at the end of the portico. I had set up a cone about 50 yards away and announce the soup sandwich. It’s one I stole from Methane that involves running laps and some coupon work.

We start with 10 laps to the cone and back, followed by 5 curls and 5. Then 9 laps, 10 curls and 10 squats. So on until we get to the last lap. Last lap is all you got. My watch showed 3.2 miles when the soup sandwich was done.

Next, put up coupons and circle up for the 21 burpees in honor of Riley Howell. Riley was the man that rushed the shooter at UNC last Tuesday, saving countless lives. F3Waynesboro put the challenge out to all AO’s to honor Riley.

There is still some time left, so we do a modified marking time bomb and a few Mary exercises.

We finish with intentions and an Our Father.

There was no DQ at The Mutt.

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