9/6 BB for Pleasantville

I’ve always loved Pleasantville, but haven’t posted there in months. When Grinder had a open day, I jumped on it. It’s a great place to post if you haven’t done so. Jolly Rancher has taken the site Q now and does a fantastic job.


Noxeema Jackson

Soft Top





Jolly Rancher

Snowman (Q)

Thing 1: mosey around the circle then down to the amphitheater for COP.

SSH, hill billies, downwards dog and stretching.

Thing 2: 25 squats, up the next level , 25 incline merkins, next level, 25 dips, next level up, 25 decline merkins, next level up, 25 Bobby Hurleys. Then repeat the rest of the way up. Mosey back to the amphitheater then repeat 3 times.

There was a small debate on the source of the lights off in the distance. Viking, relying on his ancient ancestors navigational skills, assured us the light source was the sun. He continue his line of argument even after the light source didn’t appear to be rising after about 20 minutes. Had I know the reason for Alexa’s name, we could’ve just asked him. Anyway….

Thing 2: 7 1/2 minute plank. I’m not sure why, but 7 1/2 minutes doesn’t sound long when you’re planning a Q, but doing 5-90 second planks seems forever.

Mosey to the flag for COT, announcements and intentions.

Alexa was the 6 in COT and informed us how he got his name. He is a trivia wiz and will give you an answer, even if he isn’t sure it’s correct. His 2.0 is named Echo.

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