Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB

Pax: Star Child (Q), Thumbtack (VR), Zima, Snowman

There were decisions to be made before we start the ruck: flag placement, whether to head east or west, how to rotate the sand bag, etc.

However, one of the best decisions of the night was the application of Glide to the nether regions, Star Child made that recommendation a couple of days before and it was a solid recommendation. 5 stars on Star Child’s Yelp review.

To quote Zima, “Glide is to rucking what buns are to hot dogs.”

We carefully reviewed the rules and all agreed that the cemetery in the middle of a parking lot met the criteria; accessible, open to the public, not likely to be removed, etc.

At 8:00 sharp Star Child starts mapping the other flag locations. It is decided, go clockwise and we see a chance to get 6 flags and make it back to Molly’s with time to spare. First stop, Bowman Field.

As we are approaching Bowman Field we spot a group of wolf pack heading in our direction. Someone notices Geppetto’s UT colored shirt and we know that we’re heading in the right direction. We stop to let SC take a selfie with that group and continue on. We get Zima in the pick with their flag and move on. If you’re taking note, Zima will be in most of our flag pics with the extra weight. I promise we didn’t make him carry it the whole night.

We get a call from Geppetto. Despite him being an engineer, he can’t read our map. It clearly shows our flag in the Red Lobster/Rafferty’s parking lot. We give them a hint that it’s in the cemetery, but they apparently still had trouble.

Despite Zima not growing up in Louisville, he knows a lot about the back roads of St. Matthews and quickly charts the shortest route to our next two flags. Across a field then take Cannons north, then follow the path along the back of the airstrip. Somehow we wind up in the Park and run into Sump Pump, Mad Cow, Face and Red Roof. We join forces to look for the flag, take the Zima pic and move on.

Before heading towards the Baptist Seminary for the group 3 flag, we see Little Jerry, Grinder, Glen Ross and Catfish running down Beals Branch. LJ had those boys moving along. By this time we’ve heard from a few teams about how difficult to Mary T flag will be.

On the way to Mary T we spot flag 3, take a pic with Zima and the sand bag and head to Mary T, anticipating a lengthy search there. We’re still confident we can grab the flag and Mary T, head up 42 and grab the flag by The Mutt and still make Molly’s by 11:00.

Little did we know that the Mary T flag was not marked correctly, hidden from view and behind caution tape. After our 3rd lap around the Mary T building, where the map indicated the flag would be, we run into Kilo, Flo Jo, Diablo and Tony Malito ( did they pick their team based on how they rhyme)? I believe it was Thumbtack that decided to follow Malito, who was calling out for Kilo. Low and behold, the flag was no where near where is was supposed to be.

After spending 25-35 minutes around Mary T, we decide to skip the flag on 42 and head towards the Mutt.

We had to step up the pace to the last flag in order to make it back by the deadline. There was a moment of panic as we discussed the train scheduled and if we could make it. But alas, we were able to make it to Molly’s in time.

In all, we covered about 8.25 miles, of which 1.5 of those were at Mary T. But it wasn’t the miles covered that night; it was about the time spent with a great group of guys and getting to them and doing having the added benefit of helping a brother in a time of need.

There are some of workout groups or clubs that could get a few people together for a Friday night exercise, but I only know of one group, F3, that could get 40 HIMs together for a 3hour ruck and raise over $7,000 in one week for a brother in need.

This is a special group of men doing special things.

Go Vince…..

2 thoughts on “Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB

  1. Quick rebuttal Snowman…look at your map at the top of your post. That X is inside the loop of the parking lot access road. Your cemetery is clearly outside that loop. Case closed. Mike dropped. Good day sir.


    1. Good eye Geppetto. Our team was a financial advisor, a carpenter, a guy that writes about beer and a salesman. We were lucky that we found the right cross roads on the map.

      Liked by 1 person

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