Norton Commons BO 8/24

Pax: Snowman (Q), Mamas Boy, Big Bird, Valdez, Alexa, Swifty, Uncle Rico, Amelia, Airplane, Milton, Meter Maid

Conditions: a bit chilly

I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone when I Q, so I wanted to work some running and burpees on my Q days. It throws off the Pax when they hear Snowman calling for runs, burpees or planks.

We start with a mosey to the elementary school for COP.


Grass grabbers

Imperial Walkers

Downward dog

Runners stretch

After we get warmed up we line up for a prisoner/Native American run to the amphitheater.

Once we get to the amphitheater, I list what we’ll be doing as a group. Box jump each level, 10squats, box jump, 10 dips, box jump, 10 squats, box jump, 10 merkins, box jump, 10 squats, box jump, 10 BOYOs, box jump, 10 squats, then mosey back to the amphitheater for 1minute plank.

Repeat 2 more time, but increase the plank by 1minute each round, ending with 3 minutes of plank. Each minutes seemed longer than the previous.

Then, more running. We mosey around the lighted dog park and back to the amphitheater for Mary.

After each exercise, 5 big boys OYO. Flutter kicks, Davinci’s, LBCs, box cutters, gas pumps.

Then end with COR, NOR, announcements, intentions and closing words. I’ve heard CI, Old Bay and others say to get out of your comfort zone. Amen to that.

I reminded everyone that Doughnut and Swifty were singing the National Anthem at the Bats game. If you’ve ever had a chance to heat them sing before, you know how good they are. If you haven’t heard them yet, do yourself a favor and do that when you get a chance.

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