Backblast The Chopper 8/24/2018

Backblast The Chopper 8/24/2018

Weather: cool enough for us to start worrying about winter.

Gear: Everyone had clothes on.

Pax: Jobu(FNG), Backdraft, Old Bay, Glen Ross, Rhi Rhi, Wedding Singer, Worm, Force Close, Aerobe, Meatball, Snowday, Tony Malito, Cutlass, Hotwheels, Flounder (Q).

Vet pax felt a disturbance in the Force, then mysterious visitors appeared. They claimed to hail from the Mutt compound, an isolated community not known to travel outside the reaches of their southern parking lot. Welcome friends. They made the trip across red light infested Louisville to steal the Ghost Flag!

Waiver stated and pax Assembled for what they were sure would include some coupon work and little to no running. Surprise, no coupons and lots of running!


SSH(tried to go Star-Child style but got tired of counting after 40), 20 Grass Grabbers, 25 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 20 Plank Calf Stretch, 20 Able Vigoda, Kendra Newman’s, Leg Over Lower Back Stretch, Seated Hip Stretch.

Warmups went on long enough for Aerobie to joke about doing old man Sciatica stretches I found on YouTube 😂, true.

Thang 2

APFT Training

Pair off.

PU: Partner #1 to complete Merkins 2min AMRAP with perfect form, upper arm must break parallel to ground, back straight, hands and feet must remain in contact with ground. Only upward or downward dog authorized rest positions. Upon muscle failure, drop to your knees and continue Merkens until time ends.

Partner #2 count Merkins Completed to the standard to point of DQ, announce perfect repetitions, notify #1 of any reps that do not count due to Not meeting the standard and how to correct. Help motivate.


SU: Partner #1, standard- knees 45 degrees, hands interlocked behind head, must remain in motion, elbows Over knees is the only authorize rest position.At any point the knees break 45°, the participant stops emotional while Back is laying on the ground, or hands break free from behind head, counting stops.

Partner#2: Hold number one’s feet or ankles as they wish. Count proper repetitions, help motivate and notify participate if they have been disqualified for breaking the standard.


Interval Run

Pax notified they would slow jog or walk if needed on 1 whistle, sprint as hard as possible on 2 whistles. Jog interval was to be 2 min, Sprint 1min. I purposefully did some sprint intervals longer or shorter. Later I talked about overcoming mental barriers and how the change on interval time effected their mindset while sprinting.

Thang 3

12-3 waterfall Merkins, at completion pax did 75 Merkins in Honor of Desmond Doss Medal of Honor recipient who saved 75 souls on Hacksaw Ridge in WWII.

2min AMRAP doing what I will NEVER refer to as an exercise named after a Duke player, being in the state of Kentucky we shall now refer to a basketball jumping exercise as Travis Ford or Luke Hancock!

Circled up

One of the things I enjoyed most about my first few workouts was having the 6 tell how they got their name. I haven’t heard any in a while so I reinstated this during my Q.

Prayers for our friends and family going through difficult times. Thanked The Lord for allowing us this time and pray it was the most difficult thing we do all day. Amen.

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