Backblast 02/28/2020 : Wisteria @ Pleasantville Pax Holy RollerFockerColonel KlinkMiltonPotterVikingAerobieMcDuck (FNG)Jolly RancherFlounder (Q) Started with some Dynamic stretching. Walking hamstring stretch, High knee butt kick, front high kick, side to side groin stretch, skipping front kick Thang 1 Tabata to 80s-90s movie songs, 1 minute exercise, 10 seconds rest x2 rounds Box jumps, Bulgarian Split Squats (L/R), Jump Lunges, HighContinue reading “Backblast 02/28/2020 : Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Pleaseantville 2/28/20 5:30-6:15am, Norton Commons Amphitheater.

Sorry I always forget to do the Pre-Blast. I was too busy painting and loading 25 coupons in the back of my truck, updating my playlist, creating a Tabata and Dora set WO, and breading 600lbs of fish and 250lbs of onion rings for the best fish fry in Louisville today. Oh, I went toContinue reading “Pleaseantville 2/28/20 5:30-6:15am, Norton Commons Amphitheater.”

Backblast Roulette Ruck Las Vegas 2/5/20

Pax- Gypsy, Flounder Q Weather 36 degrees and windy as heck. Start time was set for 7:00am but Gypsy stayed up shooting craps till 2 am so I did a few miles waiting for his Advil to kick in. The goal was 5 waypoints over 6.5 miles. $20 down minimum on black (Roulette) at eachContinue reading “Backblast Roulette Ruck Las Vegas 2/5/20”

Backblast- The Incubator @The Poshlands 1/13/2020

1.13.2020 The Incubator @ Poshlands Jumpseat Latex Crotchety Wapner Ripple PK Holy Roller (R) Buzzsaw Dry Rub Focker Deep Dish Ladybird (R) Mr Kotter Woooo Flounder (Q) Weather 40 degrees and dry. Deck of cards workout. What we learned- It’s hard to do a deck of cards workout in low light AND with gloves on.Continue reading “Backblast- The Incubator @The Poshlands 1/13/2020”

Backblast The Ruiner @ The O 1/25/2020

1/25/20 – The Ruiner @ The O Violet Tron Wham! Schwab Handbook Shyster Fergie Russdiculous Flounder (Q) In my quest for new workout experiences I attended a Track and field training. I learned a great deal about the science of building fast twitch muscles, and it was pretty fun. Warmup- Dynamic Stretching Walking hamstring stretchContinue reading “Backblast The Ruiner @ The O 1/25/2020”

Backblast Mumbleruck @ Broadrun Park 1/19/20

Pax Whitney, MeterMaid, Dauber, Tool Time, Porkchop, Snowman, Flounder (Q), and eventually… Worm 4:56 came and went as 7 pax waited on our directionally challenged friend Worm. We stood in 28 degree 15 mph wind wondering if he’d ever show. We sent locator pins, called, shot flares and sent a rescue helicopter. As frost biteContinue reading “Backblast Mumbleruck @ Broadrun Park 1/19/20”

Pre-Blast Mumbleruck @Broadrun Park, Park at Cliffside Playground and Sprayground Sunday 1/19 5-7am

Gonna be a fun ruck tomorrow. Went out and scouted a few routs today. This park has a lot to offer and we will utilize quite a few different trails. Estimating 6-8 miles. The last leg will be near SP so if time gets close we can cut it short.

Pre-Blast The Garden Thursday 1/16 5:30-6:15am

Location: St Patrick Catholic Church 1000 N Beckley Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40245, United States At Track And Field conditioning this week I learned some exercises I hadn’t seen or done before. The focus is on explosion through the movements, muscles in Anaerobic state. Also teaching fast twitch muscles to constrict, then relax at theContinue reading “Pre-Blast The Garden Thursday 1/16 5:30-6:15am”

Backblast The Silo @ N Posh 1/6/2020

Pax- Catfish, Viking, Milton, Speed Bump, Flounder Q Weather 37degrees and dry, mild wind. Thang 1- Warmups As promised I dedicated this First 2020 Q to a pax who had a positive influence on me. Star-child HL me by hounding me for weeks leading up to Spring Break vacation and got a verbal HC whileContinue reading “Backblast The Silo @ N Posh 1/6/2020”

Backblast The incubator @ The Poshlands 12/23/2019

Pax-Me Kotter, Buzzsaw, Stickup, Ripple, Deepdish, Aerobe, Jitterbug, PK, Bob Ross, MeatHead, Dynomite!, Maxi, Gypsy, Flounder- Q Weather- 30 degrees, dry and low wind. Gear- Polarfleece Scull cap, running tights, shorts, light thermal shirt and long sleeve mud gear shirt. Warmup As promised no 100SSH, only 30 but I got to tell you it feltContinue reading “Backblast The incubator @ The Poshlands 12/23/2019”

Backblast The Bridge at The Poshlands 12/11/2019

Ripple, Ladybird, Stick Up, Maxi, Jitterbug Flounder Q Fartsack- Dynomite Weather- 25 degrees Warmup 100SSH(respect to Star Child) 20 Abe Vigota 20 Imperial Walkers Calf Stretch 2 minutes Merkins 2 minutes Partner Assisted SU The Thang Mosey to 64 bridge, the long way, nice lights under there. Partner up for Dora Partner runs to topContinue reading “Backblast The Bridge at The Poshlands 12/11/2019”

Backblast- The Tank @ Vets 12/18/2019

Pax-Shrimp Boat, Cookie, Mammas Boy, Tony Malito, Wham!, Vincent, Yoshi, Jinxi, Rhythm, Alexa, Flounder Q Weather-20 degrees Warmup- 100-SSH Calf and runners Stretch It’s cold and windy on this hill let’s head toward the bottoms. Thang 1 Mosey to Rock bleachers start lower ball field and partner up. Discussed the 5 tenets and that weContinue reading “Backblast- The Tank @ Vets 12/18/2019”

Backblast- The Foundry, 12/4/2019 St Aloysius Pewee Valley 212 Mt Mercy Dr, Pewee Valley, KY 40056

Pax- Dauber, Alexa, Pelican, Flip Flop, Leprechaun, Rocky, Brown Water, Crock Pot, Flounder Q Weather- really cold After explaining stations pax mumblechatter about why no warmup. I agreed that being so cold a little cardio warmup- 101 SSH! Now mumblechatter about why so much warmup. Geez, tough crowd. Thang 1 Partner up for station work,Continue reading “Backblast- The Foundry, 12/4/2019 St Aloysius Pewee Valley 212 Mt Mercy Dr, Pewee Valley, KY 40056”

Backblast Nashville Star Course 26mi 11/2/19

Pax- Shaun(Flounder), Ben(Kilo), Charlie(Dexter) and Brian(Krzyewski) Weather 29 degrees w/ heavy Fog at start 54 and sunny at Endex. Started off by getting razed by Plumb Bob on the way in for arriving at 5:10 instead of 5:00 sharp. Kilo weighed his ruck at 58lbs, carrying 45lbs of weights alone to complete the Pathfinder trainingContinue reading “Backblast Nashville Star Course 26mi 11/2/19”

Backblast Wisteria @ Pleasantville 11/1/2019

It’s was cold ya’ll! First WO in the frozen tundra. Pax- Zima, Uncle Rico, Fructose, Jolly Rancher, Retainer, Soft Top, Ice Man, Meter Maid, Viking (rockin the Viking beard), Flounder- Q Thang 1 Run around the park a little then find some flat space on the trail. Was going to the school but no lightContinue reading “Backblast Wisteria @ Pleasantville 11/1/2019”

Backblast The Tank @Vets Park 11/30/2019

Pax- Meatball, Atlas, PK, Johnny on the Pot, Snowday, Drysdale, Flounder-Q Weather- Colder than I like. 7 Pax assembled for a surprise run heavy WO! Warmup 63 SSH 2min APFT AMRAP Merkins and Partner assisted BBSU Instructions- Merkins- only perfect form Merkins count, after fatigue continue reps on knees but do not stop! BBSU- handsContinue reading “Backblast The Tank @Vets Park 11/30/2019”

Pre-Blast Wisteria @ Pleasantville, Norton Commons Amphitheater 11/1 5:30-6:15am

On November 2, 2018, the Wisteria flag was formally planted at Pleasantville making it the first official workout after hosting BlackOps for several, several months previously. I invite everyone to come and celebrate its anniversary with @Flounder at the Q on November 1, 2019. We will take a magical tour of Pleasantville. Filling the airContinue reading “Pre-Blast Wisteria @ Pleasantville, Norton Commons Amphitheater 11/1 5:30-6:15am”