Backblast Posh BO Ruck 8/1/2018 6-7pm

DR Memphis Fartsack Ruck 8/1/2018 Pax Gypsey(Q), Flounder Weather 74 and stopped raining as we rolled into the parking lot Gear 2 GR1s, 30lbs weights and full 3l bladders. Arranged this BO Ruck for DR Memphis but never heard back from him?? Gypsy and Flounder go anyway. Goal was to bust out minimum 4 milesContinue reading “Backblast Posh BO Ruck 8/1/2018 6-7pm”

Backblast Carpenter 7/31

Pax FloJo, Diablo, Flounder(Q) Weather 69 degrees Thunderstorm and Raining Cats and Dogs Clothing- Freakin Soaked Boys! Warmups 40 SSH 20 Grass Grabbers 20 Imperial Walkers 10 Hand Release Merkins While doing Merkins I realized the puddles were uncomfortable cold on my Pickle. Warmups interrupted by a disturbing flash of lightning and crash of thunder.Continue reading “Backblast Carpenter 7/31”

Back-blast The Incubator Posh 7/23 Couponorama

22 Pax-Little Jerry(R), Fanny Pack(R), Double Down (R), Worm, Eastwood, Bob Ross, Starchild, Glaucoma, Pew Pew, Abacus, Yogi, Tool Time, Crablegs, Tin Cup, Mcafee, Dry Rub, Maxi, Dynomite, Sadie, Thumbtack, Frosty, Flounder-Q Weather 66 degrees and cloudy Mosey to coupon lot Warmup- Abe, SSH… I’m done with that crap let’s get to work! Partner ThangContinue reading “Back-blast The Incubator Posh 7/23 Couponorama”

Backblast BO Big 4 Ruck 6/1/2018

Back-Blast BO Big 4 Ruck Q: Flounder Pax: CI, Face, Star Child, Mad Cow, Meter Maid, Flounder Weather 64 Degrees, stopped raining just at start time AO looks cool with the bridge lit up in the background. HIM excited to hear that we would be doing exercises during the ruck, not really. Oh well getContinue reading “Backblast BO Big 4 Ruck 6/1/2018”

Back-Blast Flounder VQ @ “The Tank” May 30, 2018. 5:30-6:15AM.

VQ: Flounder  Pax: 19, Flounder, FNG(Dr. Short Bus), Bob Ross(HL), Starchild, Wham!, Kilo, Rhythm, Vincent(Respect), Aerobie(respect), PK, Peekaboo, Crash, Snow-day, Cutlass, Weedwacker,  Piggy, Eastwood, Ratchet, Tony Malito Weather 74 degrees 80% humidity Q Thought being at Veterans Park we should start with some military type workouts.  Started with static stretches since we would be jumpingContinue reading “Back-Blast Flounder VQ @ “The Tank” May 30, 2018. 5:30-6:15AM.”

Pre-Blast Flounder VQ @ “The Tank” The Jeffersonian (formerly known as the Jeffersontown Community Center) 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299, USA

Since we will be at Veterans Park I thought everyone might like a little taste of military PT, APFT to be exact. Then some fun teamwork with coupons.

Backblast, “Currahee Ruck” Nolin Black-Ops May 27, 2018.

Backblast, “Currahee Ruck” Nolin Black-Ops May 27, 2018. Weather: Perfect! 81 Degrees, sunny with light cool breeze.  QIC: Flounder  Pax: Flounder, Gypsy, Pew Pew, Meter Maid.  4 HIMs assembled to tame Currahee, 2 miles up and 2 miles back(+a little extra credit). Hi Ho Silver! Pew Pew unable to ruck due to injury, modified byContinue reading “Backblast, “Currahee Ruck” Nolin Black-Ops May 27, 2018.”