The Incubator @ Poshlands 11/5




Lube Job



Bob Ross



Dry Rub

Mr Cotter

Tug (FNG)

Flounder Q

Weather- chilly but at least it wasn’t freakin raining!

Disclaimer given

Warmed up discussing Static vs Dynamic stretches and how Chicago does the wrong exercise for Abe Vigota. So we did them wrong on purpose.

Abe Vigota

Kendra Newman’s

Hamstring Stretch Standing

Grass Grabbers

Leg Over Hip Stretch

Michael Phelps

Knees & Ankle Rotation

SSH(a-lot of them)

Thang 2

6 Stations set up, even numbers Coupons, odd numbers body weight. Tabata 1min movement +30 second transition and rest.


1. DeJuan Wheats (Formerly known as Bobby Hurley’s)

2. Bent over Coupon Row

3. Single Leg Toe Touch

4. Coupon Curls

5. Supermans

6. Meat Hangers

Rinse and repeat

Thang 3

2 minutes AMRAP- Merlkins and partner assisted BBSU


Prayed that we as fathers have patience with our children and remember to enjoy them as the girlfriend they are.

Flounder Out.

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