Backblast Carpenter 7/31

Pax FloJo, Diablo, Flounder(Q)

Weather 69 degrees Thunderstorm and Raining Cats and Dogs

Clothing- Freakin Soaked Boys!


40 SSH

20 Grass Grabbers

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Hand Release Merkins

While doing Merkins I realized the puddles were uncomfortable cold on my Pickle. Warmups interrupted by a disturbing flash of lightning and crash of thunder. All 3 of us jumped up, whites of our eyes bolden. Discussions of calling of the workout ensued. All agreed that the close distance and frequency of strikes was a safety concern. By the time we all agreed to sadly part ways we realized that it had been a free minutes since the last strike. Next strike 7 seconds from light to sound, next 11 seconds. The storm was moving away. Yeah! It’s back on.

Mosey to lighted parking lot where we found some conveniently placed Coupons.

25 Front Shoulder Coupon Raises, 20yd Sprint to 10 BBSU, Return (3sets), plank for remaining pax

25 Overhead Coupon Press, Sprint to 20 LBC, Return(3sets)

20 Coupon Curls, Sprint to 30 2 ct Flutter kicks, Return (3sets)

40 Bent Over Rows, Sprint to 30 2 ct Freddy Mercury’s, Return.

A little time left so we Mosey for about a mile, then return to start point just in time.

Announcements- August Ruck 8/11.

Mumblechatter about Starchild inviting his “Fellow” LE Officers to the event. 😂That reminded me of the time CI asked if I had rucked before and when I explained I had in the Army, Starchild commented that I was Only an MP(implying that I just rode around in a squad car or something). He has since apologized for that and in no way intended as it sounded. But as any good friend would, I have plan to harass him about the comment for eternity.

COT- all thankful that we weren’t struck by lightning and that 3 HIMs braved the weather in an effort to get stronger, together. Thank the Lord for these opportunities. Amen

Flounder Out

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