07.31.18 Rooster Back Blast – Old Bay at the helm

Well, all of the rain jokes have been made.  Lieutenant Dan pictures have been posted.  We all patted ourselves on the ass for coming out this morning.  How about a few quotes from the M’s after the gloom?

  • Wham! – “My wife said we will ‘catch our death’ in this weather.”  What is she an 80 year old Sicilian from the Old Country?
  • Geppetto – “My wife said I know you are an idiot, but how did you meet 13 other idiots and decide to dance in the rain?”  Truth.
  • Buschhh – “My wife said I better not get sick before our trip to Hilton Head”, or the Hamptons, or Ireland, or wherever the jet-setting Buschhh decides to vacation.
  • Tin Cup – “I just got a ‘that was dumb’ “

COP: Grass grabbers IC.   Tempo Merkins IC.   6-count burpees IC.  Everyone on your SIX for V-Ups and back farts!  This was a crowd pleaser…let’s just get wet already.  Significant lightning strikes rolling in.  Some of the smarter PAX took shelter under the Portico, but dumb Old Bay shamed them into coming back out.  Finished with Global warming:  All in tight circle, Al Gore, shuffle clockwise until I call Merkin, 3 Merkins, back up, shuffle counterclockwise until I call Merkin, 3 Merkins.  Repeat until smoked.

Thang 1: Burpee Mile.  Everyone stays together.  12 light posts from Leland to St. Matthews to Elmwood back to HT.  12 burpees at 1st, 11 at 2rd, 10 at 3nd, down to 1.  Again, lots of sweet lightning, but at least we weren’t in the rain or next to large metal poles or anything.

Mosey to Coupon garden.

Thang 2:  Everyone grab a coupon and a partner for some Old Bay circuit work.

  • P1 on your 6, coupon up, ABCs with straight legs.  P2 bear crawl up steps, mosey over, bear crawl down ramp, mosey back to start, switch
  • P1 squat jumps over coupon back and forth.  P2 coupon overhead, walk up over and around, back to start, switch.  Left Eye gets Larry Bird award, didn’t break form once – NICE!
  • P1 on your 6, coupon up, 123s with straight legs.  P2 bear crawl up steps, mosey over, bear crawl down ramp, mosey back to start, switch.
  • This took us to 0615.  As I like to say, put the coupons back on your own time.

PAX: 14 : Blueprint, PED, Buschhhh, Fridge, Left Eye, Miyagi, Spreadsheet, Juicy, Geppetto, Pink Panther (FNG), DiGiorno, Wedding Singer, Deuce, Old Bay (Q).

COR, NOR, Announcements.  Prayers of gratitude, prayers for healing, Prayers for the safety of traveling family members.

I had no idea how many would show, and I was pumped with the strong-willed men that defeated the fartsack and posted this morning.  I love that we got an FNG in this kind of gloom – Well done Pink Panther!  I love that our Ms bust our balls for doing stupid stuff with like-minded men.  I love the encouragement that I hear among the PAX during a crazy workout in the pouring rain.  I just love everything about what we have going here in Louisville.  Let’s keep at it, and look for the next right thing to do in our community.

~Old Bay


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