Backblast The Bridge @ Posh 10/23/2019

Pax-Woooo., Dynomite, Ripple, Buzz Saw, Double Down, Retainer, Stick Up, Ladybird, FNG (MeatHead), Flounder Q

Weather- Colder than I like, better than February

Warmup- SSH

Retainer said he hadn’t done Merkins in a while. Thanks! I’ll use that later.

Thang 1

Damn it’s cold so we started running. I had planned a really fun run heavy segment but after 20 minutes driving around Posh doing pretty WO recon I decided lack of light was a safety issue for what I planned so on to backup plan, a modified Murph!

1 mile from start to coupon den. Advised faster runners to go ahead and start getting out coupons. 6 kept up good pace even with the FNG who did significantly better than he might have thought.

Team up in 2 man teams. Accumulative reps-

200 Coupon Curls

400 Retainer Merkins

600 Bent Over Coupon Curls

Pax said WT$? Yep, game on.

1/2 way through Merkins Retainer was doing Decline Merkins using the coupon. I was like what!! He said arms were done and he was trying to change the muscle group, great stuff!!

FNG(MeatHead) took a break to spill Merlot. My first Q with Merlot Spilled YEAH! Oh I forgot to mention.. MeatBall is Woooo.’s little brother so he took some crap for that.

Dynomite throwing encouragement MH way like a good teammate.

Significant action- Time was short so we had to cut out the second Murph mile. Ever have one of those times when you miss a moment, but later you can see it clearly that you missed a golden opportunity? I did at about 6:03am on 10/23/2019. We were just putting up the last few Coupons and I was 6′ from the sidewalk on the coupon path. Retainer stopped me and Said “we should team up and help him (MeatHead) finish his Murph.” He was right. I looked and saw him head down, sitting on the curb waiting for us. Time was going so fast and I had a mission to accomplish, a plan to complete. So, I moved on and the pax followed. It started to sink in as we arrived back at SP.

I asked pax to circle up. Trying to use what Retainer gave me a few minutes earlier I devised a hasty plan. I announced WE would do 200 SSH and began. 1, 2, 3, to 20 Stop! I said WE would do 200 SSH together and we did. Sometimes a number is just a ——– number, we CAN do it to together.

Thang 2- Back to work

2 minutes APFT SU

Merkins- Chest down to 4″ on down and hold. Up to full extension on up. Painfully slow, holding for a while on down to 10 reps.

Lesson learned- FNG is more important than the plan, my failure as Q. I could have kept the workout at high level of difficulty AND given FNG a better feeling of accomplishment by listening to Pax ideas.

This was a damn hard WO for everyone, good job MeatHead!

Announcements- Convergence at Vets this Saturday

COT- Thanks for allowing us to be here and may this be the most difficult thing we have to Deal with all day. Prayers to Carlose’s family.

Flounder out.

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