BackBlast The County “Heavy” 5/29/2019

Workout Dedicated to

Rusty Jarboe

  • Some of you may know Rusty, he is a St X alumni and was a Standout Football Player. He is still in Critical Condition with some improvements over the past week. There will be a long road to recovery at best. Help if you can by the link above. We love you Rusty.

BackBlast The County “Heavy” 5/29/2019

Pax- Alexa, Meter Maid, Gremlin, Airplane, Worm, Bulletin, Flounder(Q)

Weather- Awesome!

County Pax post at Vets often, so I’ve been thinking I need to get out to the County to show my appreciation. Why not Q while I’m there? 👊 County Pax. Based on the leg heavy repertoire I’m accustomed to, I wanted to make sure we hit the upper body hard.

Thang 1

3 Minute Tabata

Reverse Dumbbell Fly

One Arm Plate Row

Kettlebell Curl

Kettlebell Overhead Press



Sandbag Bent Over Row(100lbs)

Ruck Merkins

Single Arm Row

Concentration Curls

Thang 2

Remember it’s not how you perform when your well rested and your best, it’s how you perform under adversity that really matters.

Military PT Test PU/SU only

2 Minute Merkins

2 Minute Big Boy SU

Reps to be performed to Military Standard.


Picnic 5ks throughout the summer picnic season. 5 races spread out at a different parish each week.

F3 Monthly Ruck June 14 “Capture the Flag”

GoRuck Challenge Louisville 6/28/2019

COT- I have had too many friends and family have medical emergencies this month due to poor physical condition or genetic disorders. The toll is wearing on me. I thank God every day for my F3 brothers who help me maintain FAITH.

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