Backblast Gypsy Bourbon Tasting 8/3/2018

Backblast Gypsy Bourbon Tasting 8/3/2018




Pew pew

Nice and slow






The night began by tasting bourbon in Gypsys fancy F3 bourbon glasses.

I was particularly interested in trying Jefferson Reserved Cabernet Cask Bourbon. Gypsy told me it was horrible but I had no idea how bad it could be. No one else could believe it either so we all tried the disgustingness and took pictures of the funny faces we made, it was quite funny.

Mumblechatter about how F3 has transformed us all, restoring the proper chest vs. belly ratio. Huggies has made significant progress since his fattycake eating days and has pictures to prove it. Duplo at his worst physical condition almost broke 199lbs, how horrible it must have been.

Nice and Slow is pretty much a criminal, he likes to buy web addresses and blackmail businesses with similar names. Something about Uber, limos, and strippers.

Pew Pew wrist is still stiff and sore but healing ok. Told us about Desert Storm and how the Iraqi Guard were happy to surrender because they were starving to death.

Nino quite angry about the Ohio State ordeal and that he got his ass kicked at Cornhole.

Mcafee had a badass Afro in high school. He made fun of my custom menu then ordered an Old Fashion, everyone else wanted one too. Made the first two OF with bitters Gypsy picked up at Old Fo, didn’t realize it was cinnamon flavored WTF that’s weird.

While we were drinking out of little fancy glasses, Whiff was funneling bourbon through a 32oz Yetti. Then he fell out of the golf cart trying to back it out of the driveway.

Gypsy has a severe addiction. His bourbon collection is so extensive he no longer has room on the shelves. Of course we helped to thin the collection a little but I believe he will be at the next limited edition release.

Kilo Fartsacked and tried to claim he was getting laid but we know that wasnt true because Mcafee and T. Malito were unavailable.

A lot of bourbon was consumed, then it was game time. Cornhole and Beersby games were played. The night wrapped up with a bunch of drunkies flinging frisbee’s at each other. Ahh, good times!

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