12/31/2018 Big Mo Heavy at The Tank (Veterans Memorial Park J-Town KY)

Big Mo Tank Heavy

Pax: Gangplank, Tony Malito, Tool Time, Kilo, Worm, Alexa, MeterMaid, PK, Flounder Q

Disclaimer given, welcome to arms day! Packs notified that the work out would be held under the new and dry picnic Pavilion at Vets. Flounder is warm water fish, cold rain no fun.



4 minutes at each station

AMRAP until failure switch exercise, repeat until time elapses

Station 1-w/bands

Standing row

Triceps Extensions

Station 2

Overhead Triceps press(dumbbell/kettle)

Reverse curls

Station 3- with bands


Reverse Flies

Station 4

(Red Neck Fishing Pole- 550chord attached to 1”x1” and weight)

Overhand Forearm drag

Forearm curls FWD and Reverse

Station 5

Jumprope with ankle weights

Station 6-Kettlebell

Single arm bent over triceps extensions

Station 7-Dumbbell or ruck

Overhead triceps press

Station 8- Dumbbell

Schwarzenegger overhead press

Overhead press

Station 9-Dumbbell/Kettle


Reverse curls

Station 10


Mumblechatter- packs asking If I had any stories about drug testing people. Didn’t take long for them to regret asking that question. Drug testing people is a disgusting task.


Welcome back Gangplank!

Jan Ruck Event January 11 8pm Jtown, Q-Dre- PK/Tony Malito

Annual Award Festival January 25, at Saints, M’s welcome no 2.0 $20 each Apps (and something bout drinks?)

Prayers for Meatballs friend who lost his M. Be thankful for the time we have with our loved ones. Try to appreciate each moment. Be patient with 2.0s. Thank you HIMs for the continuing inspiration to be a better father husband and man.

Flounder Out.

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