12/31/2018 Black Ops at the O BackBlast

744D33D7-D049-47D6-85D7-C6BB71AD19B9.jpegPax: Face, Fridge, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: Moderate to heavy rain

I was rolling in a little late on this Q—6:55 and for this one I was thinking there was a good chance it would be just me.  Nope, Face already there and Fridge right behind me. You guys are crazy but thank you Face and Fridge for getting out today!

It only seemed right that we close out the wettest year on record with one last workout in the pouring rain.

My first idea for this Q was to do something similar to what we did at the O on New Year’s Day earlier this year (2 mile ruck followed by 20 minute workout). So I sent out a simple preblast letting pax know to bring ruck with them.  But that was before I knew it was supposed to rain all day.  So I changed it up and used a weinke I was thinking about during Mad Cow’s Q on Saturday.  This might be completely crazy but during the workout I started to notice some similarities between Mad Cow and Drake (see pic below…….let me know what you think)

It was mostly the beard and shaved head, but that’s when I decided to roll with the 100 theme for today.

Circled up for quick disclaimer and off for mile run around the O.  I hate the rain and I’ve had a few rainy Q’s this year and my plan was to modify enough to try and keep the guys as dry as possible.

After making a lap around the O we grabbed coupons and made our way over to the far right tennis court.  At each corner, we would do 25reps, then overhead carry coupon to next corner–knocking out 100 reps per exercise

After knocking out 100, we would take a quick ¼ lap around tennis courts and repeat with different exercise

Started with Curls then Rows, next Face suggested Squats and we ended with more Curls

Total was 200 curls, 100 rows, 100 squats and 2.7 miles on the ground

As bad as the conditions were, it was a fun workout with a ton 2nd F mixed in.  We discussed Face’s new Instagram cooking account, which is likely going to give CI and Tron a run for their money when they roll out their podcast, sports, why Disney sucks in December, kids, New Year’s Eve plans and a lot more.  We also witnessed a crazy, verbal fight between a couple in the pouring rain at 7:30!  It appears he has been F@cking someone else

Closed right at 7:45 with COT

Be safe out there tonight and great way to wrap up F3 2018 with 2 other HIMs


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