BackBlast “The Chopper” Friday 11/16

Pax- Drysdale, Tony Malito!, Jitterbug, Aerobie, Iceman, Shortstack, Retainer, Starchild, Snowday, Huggies, Meatball, Hotwheels, Nino, Flounder (Q)

Weather- 33Defreeze

Big thank you from us Tankers to the Posh Royalty that have been supporting our AO the past few weeks!

Thang 1-Warmup


Abe Vigota

Kendra Newman’s

Grass Grabbers

Plank Calf Stretch

Hamstring Stretch Standing

Mosey to Memorial

Thang 2

Merkin and Partner assisted BBSU(Old APFT).

Partner 1 performs 2min Merkins, back Straight and upper arm must pass parallel plane to ground for rep to count. Count discontinued if any part of body touches the ground or Fails to maintain 4 points of contact with ground through hands and feet. Upon DQ, continue AMRAP Merkins on knees to complete muscle failure. Partner 2 counts only proper reps and motivates. Switch.

Partner Assisted BBSU-2 min

Partner 1 on 6 knees bent 90 degrees, hands interlocked behind head. Sit up to vertical position and back down, lower back must tough ground. Discontinue count if fails to keep moving up. Rest position is up position. Upon DQ, continue LBC yo muscle failure.

Partner 2- hold feet for partner, count reps and motivate.

Almost forgot!!!!

SSH (72)

Thang 3- Ab Tabata (If the freakin music would have worked Glaucoma!)

Pop Quiz- Name the 80s Movie which includes the famous John Fogarty Song Center Field? Correct answer given, pax allowed to do only 10 BOYO as bonus gift!

Begin Tabata, 30 seconds later end Tabata due to technical malfunction, F.I. push through…..

1 minute on, 10 seconds rest

Gas pumps

Snow Angels


Dying cockroach

Windshield Wipers

Pickle Pounders

Side Plank Rt

Side Plank Lt

Mosey back for COT but wait there’s more! I’ve been missing my old friend Jack Webb, let’s do it!!!

Starchild wants one more round, yay!

I am humbled by this group of men who continue to support one another despite the rain, cold, snow and personal sacrifice of making the time available for themselves and others.

Prayers for all intentions spoken.

Flounder Out.

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