DR Memphis Fartsack Ruck 8/1/2018

Pax Gypsey(Q), Flounder

Weather 74 and stopped raining as we rolled into the parking lot

Gear 2 GR1s, 30lbs weights and full 3l bladders.

Arranged this BO Ruck for DR Memphis but never heard back from him?? Gypsy and Flounder go anyway. Goal was to bust out minimum 4 miles at under 15min pace. GO

Mumblechatter, mumblechatter…. Both M’s took kids to FL and left us alone for 5 days, yeah!!!!

Flounder needs new hiking boots: Dear M, I need new hiking boots….

😉 “for work.”

Gypsy going to sneak off and buy more expensive bourbon wile M’s away.

Done, mission accomplished. COT prayed for families to have safe travels, for us to stay out of trouble and to keep working to get better.

Flounder Out

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