Backblast – 8/1 The Bridge

I had a blast doing my first Q at the Posh. The site is awesome and the guys are awesome. I love checking out other AOs, and getting to Q here was a real treat. T-claps to Methane for all of his help in preparation and to all the HIMs who showed up for this workout.

PAX: Crab Legs, Dry Rub, Bob Ross, PewPew, Flood Plain(FNG), Forced Close(R), Nice and Slow, Huggies, Gypsy, Double Down(R), Viking, Maxi, Yogi, Meter Maid, Methane, Retainer, Nino, Dynomite, Grinder (Q)

We started with a quick mosey and warm-up that consisted of 25 SSHs, 25 Hillbillies, Downward Dog, 20 Grass Grabbers, and some Michael Phelps.

Next, we each gathered coupons and headed to the path around the egg lawn for the main thang – AMRAP Coupon sets of curls, squats, skull crushers, V-ups, lateral jumps, overhead presses, rows, flutter kicks, and chest presses.  The time limit for each set? As long as it took for each PAX to run Native American/Prisoner style with coupon to the front of the line.  I had done a similar workout before at the Mutt and I made some modifications to this one both before and throughout the workout. When we did this at the Mutt, there were 10 PAX. Yesterday, there were 19, and it became obvious after the first few exercises that the sets were too long.  We switched it up so that the PAX in the back would begin his run after the guy in front of him had reached the halfway point of the line (instead of the front).  Later in the workout, we sped things up even more as we completed each set a second time.  I appreciate the PAX bearing with me on this one and going with the changes.  As anyone who has Q’d knows, a lot of times plans play out differently in real life than how we’ve planned them in our head and this workout was no exception.

We finished our last set of Chest Presses at 6:14 and headed back to return the coupons.  Upon returning them, I noticed that two PAX had been using coupons with no lips for the whole workout.  That’s a failure on my part.  To whoever was using those, I’m sorry and if I’d realized that from the beginning, I would have gotten you new coupons with lips.  Your workout was harder than it needed to be.  Also, in returning coupons, I noticed that several were mysteriously heavy. Had Methane been sneaking behind the cell tower and adding lead to some of these? I’d felt inconsistencies in weight before, but nothing like this, so to those of you that had those, bravo as well.  You’re beasts.

My favorite part of the morning had nothing to do with my workout plan – after we finished stacking the coupons, everyone did a full out sprint to get back to the flag, which I think must be a trademark of the S. Posh.  Everywhere I’ve posted, we run back to the flag, but this was on another level.  Straight Turbo. It made me respect every one of these guys and the AO even more.

We finished up in COT, welcomed our FNG (Flood Plain), and I said a few words about some things that have been on my mind the past week.  Again, I appreciate Methane having me out to his site and appreciate all the HIMs that came out.  It was a lot of fun and I hope they’ll have me back again sometime. I’ll even promise to lay off the coupons if I ever get another invite.

Grinder out.

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