Preblast- 9/29, Grinder Q at Chapel Lake Park

Things got interesting at our Southern Indiana site last week. I’d love to explain, but it’s kind of one of those ‘you had to be there’ things. I know you’re all FOMO’d out after hearing that, so come join us in the gloom and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve got the QContinue reading “Preblast- 9/29, Grinder Q at Chapel Lake Park”

Pre-blast – 7/30 Chapel Lake Park BO- Grinder Q

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try. Just the two of us, Plumb Bob and I. You may think you’ll be infringing on my and Plumb Bob’s time alone together by showing up to post at the Chapel Lake Park BO in Southern Indiana, but that couldn’t be farther fromContinue reading “Pre-blast – 7/30 Chapel Lake Park BO- Grinder Q”

Pre-Blast- BO at Chapel Lake Park, Grinder Q

If you head out to Chapel Lake Park BO in southern Indiana tomorrow, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get rained on, but a 100% chance you won’t be the slowest guy there. Your Q has that covered. There’s about 680 guys in F3 Louisville that I know haven’t posted with us yet, so hopefully aContinue reading “Pre-Blast- BO at Chapel Lake Park, Grinder Q”

Pre-blast- BO at Chapel Lake Park – Grinder Q, 7/16/20

Calling all HIMs! It doesn’t take much to get up that extra few minutes early and cross the river to work out with your buddies. Plumb Bob and I are pros. Hell, if you come out to my Q tomorrow, I’ll reimburse your toll. HL a Southern Indiana friend and bring them with you andContinue reading “Pre-blast- BO at Chapel Lake Park – Grinder Q, 7/16/20”

Preblast- The Tank at Vets, 3/18/20

Tomorrow is my 20th wedding anniversary, so we’re going to kick it with some tunes from the year 2000 and do 20 different exercises: After COP, we’ll do a short, staggered mosey, then settle in for some tabata- a minute and a half each of burpees, copperhead squats, merkins, flutter kicks, SSHs, front lunges, T-Merkins,Continue reading “Preblast- The Tank at Vets, 3/18/20”

Preblast- The Cliffs at the Garden, Grinder Q

What better way to make my first visit to the Garden than by leading? I’m relying on intel from trusted sources that have told me the terrain is very flat and that most attendees will probably want a light easy workout, so that’s what I have planned. You should probably leave your running shoes andContinue reading “Preblast- The Cliffs at the Garden, Grinder Q”

Preblast- Blender at Le Mutt, 2/12, Grinder Q

You will stay dry tomorrow. Chances of rain at WO time are slim, and there’s always the portico if that changes. I promise I’ve planned much better for this Heavy than my last, so we should be able to get started by 5:37. I hope Glen Ross is in a good mood tomorrow, because heContinue reading “Preblast- Blender at Le Mutt, 2/12, Grinder Q”

Backblast- 2/4 Loco at the County

PAX: Colonel Klink, Focker, Amelia, Hush Puppy, Grizzly, Mayhem, Red Card, My Pleasure, Scratch-N-Dent, Captain Crunchberry, FNG (Nae Nae), Crock Pot, Abacus, Grinder (Q) Thanks to the County boys for having me out this morning. Great group of guys and a Crock Pot is one heck of a Site Q. I kept it simple and tried to do a WO that would allow everyone to push themselves regardlessContinue reading “Backblast- 2/4 Loco at the County”

Preblast- Loco at the County, 2/4/20, Grinder Q

It’s been over eight months since I’ve posted at the County. That’s terrible. But, to distract from my shameful support for my County boys, I think we’ll focus on some other numbers instead. Seven and eleven would probably be a good place to start. We’ll run a lot (sprints, not distance), crawl a lot andContinue reading “Preblast- Loco at the County, 2/4/20, Grinder Q”

Preblast- Wisteria at Pleasantville- Grinder Q 1/3/20

Glen Ross and I used to joke that it always rains in Pleasantville. When we first started out there, it seemed like it rained, without fail, every Friday morning. It’s only fitting then that there’s a 90% chance of rain for my return to the streets of gold. As Old Bay says, you only getContinue reading “Preblast- Wisteria at Pleasantville- Grinder Q 1/3/20”

Backblast 8/9 Pleasantville Q School

Great crew this morning at Pleasantville: Skirmish(R), Sandtrap(R), Milton, Grizzly, Old Bay, Geppetto, Big Bird, Plumb Bob, Grinder (Q) We started in the usual way, with some COP, but after leading us in SSHs, I had the other PAX lead the group in Abe Vigodas, Merkins, Grass Grabbers and Copperhead Squats. I finished us upContinue reading “Backblast 8/9 Pleasantville Q School”

Preblast- 8/9 Grinder Q School – Wisteria at Pleasantville

I’m ready to make back to school fun for all those ready to join me at Pleasantville in the Gloom. Expect to learn a little and participate a lot…especially if you have little to no experience Qing. We may be on the grass a little (amphitheater stairs), we will run (in spurts) and I recommendContinue reading “Preblast- 8/9 Grinder Q School – Wisteria at Pleasantville”

Backblast- Blender at the Mutt, 7/31, Grinder Q

PAX: Cowbell, Sump Pump, Deuce, Buschhhhhh, Fridge, PED, Rhi Rhi, Glen Ross, Zima, Fergie, Porkchop, Tureen, Snowman, Plumb Bob, Pope, No Show (FNG), Grinder Q Due to time constraints, I’m going to exhibit as much creativity on this BB as I did to the workout. No re-inventing the wheel here: Mosey around the school, COP:Continue reading “Backblast- Blender at the Mutt, 7/31, Grinder Q”

Pre-blast 7/31 -Blender at the Mutt, Grinder Q

I keep hearing about all these new faces at the County and the O. I’d love to see some of those at the Mutt tomorrow. For every PAX making their first post at the Mutt tomorrow, ol’ Grinder will give you one burpee…perfect form, of course. Let’s see how many we can add up. Also,Continue reading “Pre-blast 7/31 -Blender at the Mutt, Grinder Q”

BB – 7/16 Rooster at the Mutt

My apologies to those that attended for the delay in getting this out. PAX: Blueprint, Tiger, Geppetto, Plumb Bob, Sump Pump, Cowbell, Mouth, Glen Ross, Deuce, Noxeema Jackson, Wham-O, Grinder (Q) We started with a lap around the school and a standard COP warm-up. Next, we headed down Brookfield for a Scout Run with theContinue reading “BB – 7/16 Rooster at the Mutt”

BB – 7/12 Wisteria at Pleasantville, Grinder Q, It happened.

PAX: Skirmish, Speed-bump, Viking, Scratch N Dent, Old Bay, Grinder Q Great crew at Pleasantville this week and great to meet Skirmish for the first time. Our focus was on slow, full range, full body exercises with explosive movements and some hill sprints mixed in for good measure. After a short mosey and warm up,Continue reading “BB – 7/12 Wisteria at Pleasantville, Grinder Q, It happened.”

BB -6/28 Wisteria at Pleasantville

It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Pleasantville. We could have used a little more wind, but otherwise it was perfect. Gearlander- 5” (yup, 5”) inseam Patagonia Strider shorts, Hoka Cliftons, Features no-shows, 10-year-old Nike Dri-fit top and Junk headband. Crushed it. PAX – Speed bump, Sand trap, Fructose, Fridge, Viking, Uncle Rico, Grinder (Q)Continue reading “BB -6/28 Wisteria at Pleasantville”

BO – 6/19 at the O…That’s what friends are for.

PAX: Plumb Bob, Snowman, Old Bay, Zartan, Grinder, Q (All) Looking at the Q calendar for this morning, there were lots of great options, none of which I felt I could do in my current condition. My current regimen includes showing up about a half hour before the workout to warm up and stretch, soContinue reading “BO – 6/19 at the O…That’s what friends are for.”