BB – 7/12 Wisteria at Pleasantville, Grinder Q, It happened.

PAX: Skirmish, Speed-bump, Viking, Scratch N Dent, Old Bay, Grinder Q Great crew at Pleasantville this week and great to meet Skirmish for the first time. Our focus was on slow, full range, full body exercises with explosive movements and some hill sprints mixed in for good measure. After a short mosey and warm up, […]

BB -6/28 Wisteria at Pleasantville

It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Pleasantville. We could have used a little more wind, but otherwise it was perfect. Gearlander- 5” (yup, 5”) inseam Patagonia Strider shorts, Hoka Cliftons, Features no-shows, 10-year-old Nike Dri-fit top and Junk headband. Crushed it. PAX – Speed bump, Sand trap, Fructose, Fridge, Viking, Uncle Rico, Grinder (Q) […]

BB 5/14 The LOCO

Always a good time at the County! PAX: Bulletin (R), Giselle, Cochran, Fungi, Cold Call, Crock Pot, Catfish, Pew Pew, Wildflower, Meter Maid, Abacus, Scratch n Dent, Jerry McGuire (R), Ladybird (R), Grinder (Q) As part of my disclaimer at the beginning, I should have noted that I stole this entire weinke from a workout […]