BB -6/28 Wisteria at Pleasantville

It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Pleasantville. We could have used a little more wind, but otherwise it was perfect.

Gearlander- 5” (yup, 5”) inseam Patagonia Strider shorts, Hoka Cliftons, Features no-shows, 10-year-old Nike Dri-fit top and Junk headband. Crushed it.

PAX – Speed bump, Sand trap, Fructose, Fridge, Viking, Uncle Rico, Grinder (Q)

I kept this workout simple, but brutal. We started with a long mosey down the road to the pond trail then back to the amphitheater, stopping every hundred yards or so for some PT. Once back at the amphitheater, we went for some more extensive stretching then right into the Thang: BLIMPS. Partner one worked on 50 Burpees, 100 lunges (IC), 150 Imperial Walkers (IC), 200 Merkins (1st half IC, modified 2nd half to single count), 200 Plank Jacks, 200 squats. While partner 2 was working on the sets, Partner two ran up the amphitheater steps and around the trail back to the stage. This took is all the way to 6:10, at which point we did a quick round of Mary to finish up: LBCs, Pretzel Crunches and V-Ups.

We made our way back to the flag, had some brief announcements, then discussed some very important intentions. We finished with the Lord’s Prayer and went forth to crush the day. Thanks again to the awesome group of HIMs that came out!

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