Backblast Wiffle ball fail

Q Nugget

Pax Seabass, Mayberry, Gepetto, RiRi, Whamo, Wham!, Tureen, Sump pump, Jeter, Blueprint, Windshield, Cornbread, Soft Top, Drysdale, Nugget

Gearlander: Reebok tights, shorts, F3 digital camo, Zoo I know you aren’t even reading this anymore, midyear socks, Mizuno wave Rider

Disclaimed and we started a warm up Mosey around the school, but coming in hot was Tiger…no wait, that’s Wham! In addition, YHC left the speaker on my car so we did some Imperial walkers and heaed back the other way.

At this point, Wham! Was still in his car, so we circled up around the car for Copperhead squats until he emerged. Grabbed the speaker and finished the Mosey in the parking lot. Some Kendra Newmans and Runners stretch.

Thang 1

Lined up on a parking spot for 20 rounds

5 Merkins

10 LBCs

15 Squats

In between each round, run 40 yds ish, and start the next one. This was as hard as it sounds. Seabass got out to quick start, but doesn’t quite know the meaning of pace and Whamo, quickly passed him. Tureen and Mayberry finished right behind him. MC was heavy the first few rounds but quickly dissipated.

Thang 2

Everyone grabbed coupons for partner work. Gepetto said this was more of what he expected with a Nugget Q.

Farmers carry suicides

First partner farmers carry both coupons to the first cone and drops them off, then runs back. P2 runs to the coupons and brings them back. Then the second cone and so on. The opposite partner does burpees, then gas pumps, then Bobby Hurleys, and finally Spidermans.

This went pretty quick so we had time for some tabata Thrusters. There was talk that someone claimed only 1 more round about halfway through. I can neither confirm nor deny, but we did 8 rounds in all.

Then we headed to the football field for Bear Crawl Baseball. Spoiler alert: this idea needs work. Basically you get one swing, if you miss, 3 burpees for your team, if you hit it bear crawl to first while the defense bear crawls to the ball. If you get to the base first, you are safe, if they get to the ball first, you are out. Too much stand around time, but Drysdale smacked 2 long shots. We finished this one and headed to the flag for some Mary.

We did LBcs for some Pax counted Tabata. Each Pax count to 10 while doing LBCs for 2 10 counts of work and 1 10 count of rest. We went around 2 times and we were done.


No FNGs. Announcements about the ruck in July and Coffee afterward. I took us out with some thoughts on the Mentors in this group. I thanked everyone for their mentorship for myself and Seabass. I encourage everyone to follow F3 Whetstone and look for an opportunity to get involved with some Pax that could help you or that you could help. I cite this group of HIMs all the time in my work and home life, and it is due to the men that have taken time to talk to me at a coffeeteria, an HDHH or even a Ruck that I have evolved. And Seabass is a totally different person since he started posting 2 years ago. I have feel like I have been Blade for most if my time with F3. You guys have been the Stones. I thank you all for this and let me know if I can be your Stone.

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