BO – 6/19 at the O…That’s what friends are for.


PAX: Plumb Bob, Snowman, Old Bay, Zartan, Grinder, Q (All)

Looking at the Q calendar for this morning, there were lots of great options, none of which I felt I could do in my current condition. My current regimen includes showing up about a half hour before the workout to warm up and stretch, so that excluded longer drives to the County, Posh or Vet. After reading Nino’s PB yesterday for the Mutt, I could smell the Beast Mode in his words and knew that I’d have a tough time keeping up. After nearly a month away, I’m in bad shape. Surprisingly bad shape. I thought I had done a good job of lifting weights and doing elliptical in my time away from F3, but I’ve been reminded quickly that I never push myself nearly as hard as my brothers push me when I’m out in the Gloom. For all the reasons listed above, I reached out to Snowman, Old Bay, and Zartan last night to see if any of them would be up for a BO at the O where we could go hard but also modify a lot and work within my limitations. Luckily, all of them offered to join me, along with Plumb Bob, for a humid, tough workout at the O.

We started with a mosey to the school for stretching and COP. We tried heading back towards the tennis courts, but Snowman and Plumb Bob wouldn’t let us leave the lot without some Prisoner Runs, Dips and Incline Merkins. On the way back to the courts, we each grabbed a coupon and then Old Bay took over. PAX one runs a loop around the courts while PAX two did AMRAP Bobby Hurley’s, PAX three Plank, PAX four Squat Jacks and PAX five Burpees. We did this circuit several times…enough to get me completely winded.

Next was Zartan’s turn and he led us in a progressive lunge walk, bear crawl, broad jump, mosey suicide where we would Bernie Sanders back to the starting line after each section. Once back at the start, he had us do reps of a new special kind of hell – a four-count coupon curl/overhead press. After four sets, we were spent.

We finished up with some round-robin Mary, and I though it was going well until Old Bay called out the Alphabet as our last exercise. I was writing in cursive by the time we got to ‘M’ and the abs were completely trashed as we returned our coupons and circled up for COT.

Announcements were made about upcoming rucks and toughs, and I used the opportunity to thank everyone for coming out to be with me this morning. The past month, I’ve battled a lot of anger and depression, but having my brothers there to support me has helped me get through. I’m a long way from 100%, but I know that with a little help from you guys, I’ll get back in form soon and end up better than ever.

Grinder out.

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