Backblast The Chopper 3/9

Pax- Welcome DR Trojan from Houston, Jolly Rancher, Mcafee, Dynomite, Maxi, PK, Aerobie, Tony Malito, Alexa, Hot Wheels, Flounder-Q.

Weather 32 and snow.

After a 2 week hiatus I finally got back into the gloom with a great group of HIMs! After getting my butt kicked in over 30 BBall League the past two weeks I decided to up my game with a Basketball drill themed game plan. Admission, I suck at basketball. I was told this league was a bunch of out of shape guys drinking beer and not taking the game that seriously. I thought ok why not? I’m in good shape at least I can outwork these old fat guys. This was not the reality I faced the team in our first game. I was one of the shortest and least in shape of the opposing team. I mean, I don’t remember seeing 10 people over 6’4″ my entire life at our parish WTF???

So begins the workout to get me in game day shape.


Abe Vigota(slowly)

Imperial Walkers

Runners stretch

Downward dog



2 minutes Merkins

2 minutes BBSU

Mosey to parking lot

The Thang

Set up 8 cones 20m apart. On go, lateral low to the ground back and forth to the last cone(focus on staying low to burn the thighs not speed), then sprint 75m back. Repeat 3 times.

Time bomb 11 Dewan Wheats, repeat come drill. Repeat 3 times.

Time bomb 20 DW, 15 low squats, 10 DW, 5 low squats

Mosey back to monument for a few minutes of Mary

IC 20 BBSU, 20 V-ups, alphabet.



Mcafee reminded us to bring back the naming story of the 6, a welcomed reminder. Funny story, you should have been there.

Prayers that we may all resolve difficult situations based on our values and integrity. Have the courage to make the tough decision and live with it. Don’t doubt yourself.

Flounder Out

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