Back Blast 3/11 #theSilo @ North Posh

Even though I’ve turned into a county boy due to my schedule, I, actually, really love North Posh.  It was the first location that I ever posted to with F3, it is the closest to my home, and I like the intensity that comes with that location.  When I saw the open Q call for it, I jumped on one.  I also know the reputation that comes with North and so I did not want to disappoint at all.  I tried to develop a weinke that was intense enough to deliver but could allow all fitness levels to attend.

Above all, I was super humbled by the turnout when I saw 16 other HIMs roll into the lot for the beat down.  A super shout out to all the county boys that came out to show support!  You guys rock!

PAX – Catfish, BigBird, Milton, Cochran, Kimble, Jitter Bug (R), Dunphy, Abacus, Nice and Slow, Iceman (R), Alexa, Huggies, Le Pew, Viking, Meter Maid, Jolly Rancher, Cowboy (Q)

Here’s what went down:

Disclaimer given and quick mosey to the bottom of the Louisville Loop trail hill.  From there, it was a Native American run with a very slow jog but fast sprints in a 17 PAX line.  We ended up at the pit.

Before the Thang…a quick warm up with:

  • 20 SSH
  • Kindra Newman’s OYO
  • 10 Grass Grabbers


True to the Dora the Explorer theme, I wanted to explore the AO but then throw in some killer Dora in the middle.  In the pit, we partnered up and did Dora for the following exercises.  While 1 PAX worked the Dora exercise, the other partner sprinted to the other end of the parking lot, did 1 burpee up into 5 SSH and ran back.  Partners flipped flopped in this method until the cumulative reps equaled the below milestone for each exercise.

  • 50 – BOYOs
  • 100 – Big Boys
  • 150 – Merkins
  • 200 – Jump Lunges
  • 250 – Shoulder Air Presses
  • 300 – Squats
  • 350 – LBCs

To my knowledge, no one completed the list (which is perfectly okay).  We did a mosey up to the main road where we broke up into two Native American lines and headed back to the start.  The over achievers that arrived first were promptly rewarded with BOYOs until the six arrived.

We finished with Mary as follows:

  • 50 LBCs (to make up for those we didn’t get to do in Dora)
  • 20 Flutter Kicks
  • 20 Pickle Pounders
  • 20 Freddy Mercury’s

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.  A final challenge to the PAX to live the golden rule and create unmatched experiences in life to those around them.  A quick thanks to the Sky Q and we were off.

These guys amaze me every time I’m around them!


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