Pax: Airplane, Busch, Backdraft, Pork Chop, Wham!, Fall Guy (R), Blue Print, Violet, Fergie (Q)

Weather: Low 40s, no precipitation.

530 hit, a disclaimer was given, and we were off. Welcome back to Fall Guy; great to meet you today and thank you for coming out.

The Warm-up
Started with a quick lap to grab a coupon. Stretching at the tennis courts – SSH, Grass Grabbers, and Down Dog and runner’s stretch

The Thang
I dusted off one of the Iron Pax routines for this morning, the Mogadishu Mile. I tried to go back and find the finish times from the local Pax, but generally recall the front runners were doing this in 30 minutes or so (needless to say, I was not a front runner and did not do this in 30 minutes or so). Anyway, that seemed aggressive to try to fit into a 45 minute morning, so we modified it. Much to Airplane’s amusement, I cut it in half. Anyway, it was;

Semi-Circle Lap x 2 = 1/2 mi
25 pull-ups
2 rounds of 25 lunge steps; 25 squats
2 rounds 25 merkins; 25 yd sprint (think they were closer to 50)
50 coupon thrusters
25 pull ups
Semi-Circle Lap x 2 = 1/2 mi

The name of the game was getting through the reps or runs as quick as possible. We stayed together, and the Pax went strong throughout. We finished with about 15 minutes left on our morning, so we closed with a man-maker suicide ladder (we never actually came back down the ladder), and some mary.

CoR, NoR, and then BoM. Intentions were given, and we were off to tackle the problems of the day.

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