BB 6/17/19 – The Silo @ North Posh – Team Cowboy vs. Team Viking

As expected, Vikings don’t always sharpen their axes before they head into battle.  I’ll just go ahead and say that Viking is already planning the re-match.  So the first Team Cowboy vs. Team Viking beat down is in the books and to the victor goes the back blast.  As they say, the winners always write […]

BB 5/28/19 – the Loco @ the County – Cowboy Bday Beat Down

I have rarely ever had a birthday in my life that began as memorable and awesome as today did.  I wanted to come up with a birthday Q that was fun, imaginative, hard, competitive, fun, tiring, included a scavenger hunt, and fun!!  Alot of planning and prep went into this one and I couldn’t have […]

BB 12/21/18 Cowboy Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 12 Days of Christmas!

7 HIMs showed up this morning in Pleasantville for the Wisteria 12 Days of Christmas Cowboy beat down.  The rain stopped long enough for us to partake in the gloom and stay relatively dry.  We celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas all while blasting repeats of the song for the entire workout on a very […]

PreBlast 12/21/18 – Cowboy Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Experience the 12 days of Christmas…Cowboy style!!  You know how the song 12 days of Christmas just seems to drag on without end?  Tomorrow’s workout may come across the same way.  We will still celebrate and you will have no regrets!  I look forward to seeing you there.  Come out and get better! -Cowboy