BB 5/16/19 Agony @ The County – Cowboy

What a great, crisp morning for a Hoedown Throwdown at the County with Cowboy.  It was a nice, cool 51 degrees and just perfect for some pain in the gloom.  One of the F3 goals is to create leaders.  I wanted to give each PAX an opportunity to lead a small portion of the hoedown dance this morning, so I created a format that had a different PAX leading an exercise count in rotating fashion.

We had 11 brave PAX make the journey to The County this morning with 1 being an FNG (Woodpecker…previously known as “Stone Guy” that ran the drone for us at the fall convergence)

PAX: Abacus, Cold Call, Scratch N Dent, FNG (Woodpecker), Jerry Maguire (R), Kimble, Pew Pew, Crockpot, Giselle, Mama’s Boy, Cowboy (Q)

Began promptly at 0530 with disclaimer given, quick count of PAX, and mosey tour of The County to the upper parking lot where we warmed up with 21 SSH, 10 Slow Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans (both directions), and some Michael Phelps.  We split into 4 teams of 3 with one team only having 2 PAX.  Completed our mosey tour of The County to end down by Coupon Corner.  4 PAX grabbed a coupon each and dropped at station #4.

Thang – In a star of pain format, we had 4 stations around a home base.  At home base, we all do 5 burpees and then each PAX team moves to a station.  Station 1 exercise has a PAX from it’s respective team lead the exercise (ie 20 SSH 4 count) while the teams at each other station perform their exercise AMRAP.  Once station 1 is complete, all teams move back to home base and perform 5 more burpees.  Teams rotate stations clockwise until every team completes each station.  We completed 3 rounds of this.

Station#1:  rnd 1 – 20 Big Boys, rnd 2 – 20 SSH (4 count), rnd 3 – 20 Copperhead Squats

Station#2:  rnd 1 – Merkins, rnd 2 – Derkins, rnd 3 – Incline Merkins

Station#3:  rnd 1 – Pull-ups, rnd 2 – Supine Pull-ups (inverted row), rnd 3 – Jump-ups

Station#4:  rnd 1 – Coup. Curls, rnd 2 – Coup. Shoulder Press, rnd 3 – Coup. Bench Press

We returned the coupons to the pile and quick mosey back to the flags.  We finished with some Mary to include 10 Pickle Pounders and 20 Rosalitas.

CoR, NoR, Welcomed our FNG (Woodpecker), announcements, intentions, and Cowboy prayed us out!  Humble gratitude for the opportunity to Q for you guys!


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