BB 6/17/19 – The Silo @ North Posh – Team Cowboy vs. Team Viking

As expected, Vikings don’t always sharpen their axes before they head into battle.  I’ll just go ahead and say that Viking is already planning the re-match.  So the first Team Cowboy vs. Team Viking beat down is in the books and to the victor goes the back blast.  As they say, the winners always write the history books.

But in all seriousness, Viking and I have been talking about this whole team competition thing for a while.  We saw an opportunity to possibly jump on the North Posh calendar and so we hit up Catfish to make it happen.  Turns out, North Posh was a perfect location to kick this rivalry off.  Hopefully, we didn’t disappoint with regard to the North’s reputation.

PAX: McAfee, Catfish, Dunphy, Meter Maid, Jolly Rancher, Nice N Slow, Huggies, Airplane, Alexa, Gypsy, Nino, Le Pew, Viking (Co-Q), Cowboy (Co-Q)

Viking and I squared off at 5:30am on the dot with our disclaimer and a little back and forth warm up to begin:
Cowboy – SSH IC X 25
Viking – Imperial Walkers IC X 15
Cowboy – Kendra Newman
Viking – Grass Grabbers X 10

We then asked the PAX to select their team.  They almost immediately divided evenly and went to their respective teams.  The only adjustment was to move Catfish from one team to another so that he and McAfee weren’t on the same team. 🙂

Rounds and Results

Cowboy Merkin Head to Head #1 – Merkin race to 50.  Team Cowboy picked Gypsy and Team Viking picked McAfee.  The rest of the PAX did merkins with them.  Team Cowboy won round

Viking Toss #1 – Each team formed a line.  First PAX tossed a 20 lb. medicine ball down the road and went to the back of the line.  2nd PAX followed the ball, picked it up and tossed then went to the back of the line….and so on…  Teams raced in this fashion to the bottom of a very long hill.  Team Cowboy won round

Cowboy Merkin Head to Head #2 – Merkin race  to 50. Team Cowboy picked Catfish and Team Viking picked Le pew.  The rest of the PAX did merkins with them.  Team Viking won round

Viking Toss #2 – Back up the very long hill with Team Viking BARELY crossing the line first.

Cowboy Big Boy Challenge – Mosey down hill to lake gazebo.  Race to 350 big boys per team.  Team Cowboy won.

Viking Squat Challenge – Mosey to lake parking lot.  Race to 350 squats per team.  Team Cowboy won.

Cowboy Coupon/Merkin challenge – Mosey to next parking lot.  Race to 350 coupon curls AND 350 merkins per team.  Team Viking won

Viking Football Challenge – Mosey to lower parking lot.  Each team picked a PAX to throw a football as far as possible.  Each team had to move as a team to recover the OTHER team’s football while moving through zones – first 10 yards bear crawl – next 15 yards lunge walk – last zone all out run to football.  All PAX on team had to touch the ball and then the first team back to start through the same zones with the ball won.  Team Cowboy won

Points were tallied and Team Cowboy came out on top with a score of 5 – 3.  Losing team had to load all equipment and coupons (about 400 lbs.) into a gorilla cart and pull it as a team about 1/2 mile uphill back to flags.  Winning team performed football scout run about 3/4 mile back to flags.

In the end, we’re all winners and so we circled the flag for CoR, NoR, and announcements.  We finished by bringing it in for some quick words of gratitude and encouragement followed by Viking taking us out with Our Father.

Thank you to Viking for all the work to help organize and those PAX who joined the competition!


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