Backblast BO Ruck @Posh, 1/5/2019

BO Ruck @Posh, 1/5/2019

Pax Nino, Worm, Hotwheels, Kilo, Flounder

Team weight- 60lb sandbag known as Mili

Started at 5:00am on Sat b/c those HIMs are crazy. Not as crazy as what Muscle and Burger bar food does to Hotwheels bowels, we were dodging that stench for miles. Heard all about how Kilo has to coach B-Ball like he’s the third coming of Ricky P or something: Worm has Q this week- can’t remember, maybe Thursday at Carpenter???? Oh no it was Tuesday at The County, that’s it. Nino just being Nino.

All good fun till we got to the top of the hill and they wanted to do Man-makers.

Made it little over 3 miles in 1hr to Taylorsville rd Where we did the man makers, Merkins, Squats, then turned back for home.

Got back to home base just in time to see the regular Posh WO begin.

Hopefully this was the hardest thing we do today. Prayers that we have patience with our children and wives and that we continue strive to be better men.

Flounder Out.

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