Back Blast – Black Ops at The County 1.5.2019 – A Ruck Down Memory Lane

PK and I (Meter Maid -Q) went on a 12.5 mile ruck in advance of PK’s 7am Q at the Nest. We met at 3AM to train and get some miles in advance of the StarCourse in Columbus in April. We were able to test our our gear including using the Road Warrior app. My course took us all the way out to Yew Dell and 3rd Turn. Then, we circled past Crestwood Elementary, the location of my first post. We went all the way to the Thornton’s on Factory Lane and rolled past my first house located in Forest Springs. It provided for some great 2nd F.

On the way to St. Aloys about 10 miles in, we ran into Alexa, Gilligan and Mama’s Boy, who were doing their own black ops ruck. We completed part of a loop at St. Along with them. We all stayed around for PK’s Nest beat down.

Including the ruck and workout, I had over 31,000 steps, located two dead possums and found a street named Bird Lane. (Big Bird will have to check it out.). A great run down memory lane and great way to start the day

-Meter Maid

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