Back-blast The Incubator Posh 7/23 Couponorama

22 Pax-Little Jerry(R), Fanny Pack(R), Double Down (R), Worm, Eastwood, Bob Ross, Starchild, Glaucoma, Pew Pew, Abacus, Yogi, Tool Time, Crablegs, Tin Cup, Mcafee, Dry Rub, Maxi, Dynomite, Sadie, Thumbtack, Frosty, Flounder-Q

Weather 66 degrees and cloudy

Mosey to coupon lot

Warmup- Abe, SSH… I’m done with that crap let’s get to work!

Partner Thang

BBSR(Brick by Brick Shuttle Run)- Split pax into 2 HIM teams with 2 Coupons. Space out about 10-15M both coupons on one side. Pax 1 sprints to retrieve coupons one at a time & complete 15 burpees, then Pax 2 steals coupons and completes 15 burpees. Pax 1 retrieves coupons and completes 15 BBSU, pax 2 => coupons and 15 BBSU, then 10 of each, 5 of each….. little mumblechatter going on other than stating that there was no mumblechatter going on

Pyramid Builders- pax begin 2 HIM team facing away from one another. Pax 1 holds Coupon chest level, on command Both pax initiate rear lunge, rotate while in lunge position to face one another, stand and pass coupon to pax 2, rinse repeat ~30 reps. This was kind of funny. It’s a little bit of complicated or technical movements. So the learning curve allowed for a few seconds of everyone looking like bunch of newborn colts trying to stand for the first time.

Individual thang

Trial by 5s- Coupon hanging waist high slightly bent over, like in bent over row, 5 reps pulling coupon to the chest and dropping back to waist. Next move coupon up 45degrees, 5 reps to chest. Up 45degrees and 5 reps, will now be pressing coupon out at 90degrees or arms parallel to the deck. Again Up 45degrees and 5 reps. Last one up 45degrees and 5 reps, now at overhead press. Relax. (5 sets).

20 reps each

Coupon press Flutter kicks

Blades of steel with feet on coupon.

Coupon press box cutters

Overhead coupon press

BBSU w/, you guessed it coupon

Mosey slack to flags with 4 on the clock. 1:05 AMRAP- LBC, Merkins, Pickle Pounder


Popevergence. All AOs will meet at Seneca Park Sat 7-8am, coffeteria to follow. Park in the large parking lot South of tennis courts by the softball field and little basketball court.

Huggies will be Qing Ruck WO Friday at Posh, And he would like this to become a regular workout. This will specifically focus on Ruck PT and carrying additional weight as in GoRuck events.

I wanted to do something different and to do a full WO with coupons. Mission accomplished, hope everyone enjoyed. Lessons learned- It’s good to introduce a new Exercise or string of exercises in a work out but too many makes it difficult.

COT- Prayers for Vince. A few expressed how we enjoyed seeing the videoed of Vince smiling and gaming fun. Prayers to Charisse what we have and to try and have a little more patience with our children.

Flounder Out

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