Backblast – #TheFog – 7/21/18


Maxi, McAfee, Peakaboo, Dry Rub, Double Down (R), Catfish, Mr. Hat, Premie, SnowDay (YHC/Q)


High 60’s and Sunny. The ground was soaked and squishy from the previous evening. No fog?


Run In Place

Side Straddle Hops

Arm Circles

Pigeon Pulls

Abe Vigodas


Thang #1

We all picked up a couple handfuls of mini coupons which I had on loan from #TheTank/#TheChopper.   We then moseyed over towards the Egg Lawn. We circled up in the first open clearing of spongy earth covered in grass/mud and began using said coupons for 2 rounds of the following with minimal rest in between.

Press Jacks w/ Coupon x 30

March and Reach w/Coupon x 30

Roller Boats w/ Hold sans Coupons x 10

We then continued our mosey. Next clearing… 2 X.

Frog Squat Reach w/Coupon  x 40

Arc Press Lunges w/Coupon x 30 (15 each side)

Scissor Twists – no Coupons, on my call for approximately 45 seconds.

Backs soaking wet from Mother Earth and sweat, we picked up our coupons and made it to the next clearing on the east side of the Egg Lawn. This was apparently the lowest elevation of the Egg Lawn as it was more of a marsh than lush grass… 2 rounds of the following.

Balance Pulls w/ Coupon x 40

Crescent Chair Holds w/ Coupon – on my call for approximately 45 seconds.

Freddie Mercuries x 30

We then continued around to the final stop at the Egg Lawn for two last rounds of the following.

Side Reach Jumps w/ Coupon x 20

Globe Squatters w/ Coupons x 20

Sphinx Plank (30 second hold)

We then moseyed back to our starting point to return the coupons to the sleigh… time for a little burnout.

Thang #2

We then did three rounds of 60, 45, 30’s. This was originally going to be 2 rounds, but as I made my way to the truck for the phone, I was told that Mr. Hat would like to do another round but throw in some Mountain Climbers in lieu of the Three Bears… so we did.

60 seconds of Running in Place… rest 5 seconds.

45 seconds of Three Bears… rest 5 seconds.

30 seconds of Squat Jacks


Following count-o-rama and name-o-rama, McAfee made the announcement regarding Popevergence. We then brought it in to thank the Sky Q for clearing up the skies and giving us a beautiful morning to be outside improving ourselves.

This weinke consisted of different stuff that I honestly didn’t know how it would go over. However, at the end of the workout I felt that this one crept up on us as it progressed. This was a great start to the weekend. Thanks to those who came out.


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