Back Blast – The Tank – 11/13/19

PAX: Yoshi, Vincent (R), PK, Weedwacker, and SnowDay (Q). Weather: Clear and 16 degrees. We started off with a easy mosey around the circle followed by SSH’s and Toy Soldiers. After a few minutes of stretching, we were off. Knowing that is was going to be cold I wanted to keep everyone moving the entireContinue reading “Back Blast – The Tank – 11/13/19”

BB – Cloverfield – 10/31/19

PAX (9): Domino, Fructose, Jewel, Nice N Slow, Sarbanes, Shrimp Boat, SnowDay (Q), Ping Pong, and Uncle Rico. Weather: 110% Humidity. 55 ish. I started things off with a quick disclaimer and a suggestion to modify as needed as we would be working legs… a lot. We mosied over to the coupon depository next toContinue reading “BB – Cloverfield – 10/31/19”

Back Blast – Big Mo (Heavy) – 10/7/19

PAX: Whitney, Flounder, Worm, PK, and SnowDay (Q). Weather: High 50’s and wet. Heavy rain at the beginning eventually trickled off to near nothing… after COT, of course. Started off with a disclaimer that I am not a professional and that with this being a “heavy” workout, I pretty much had no clue on theContinue reading “Back Blast – Big Mo (Heavy) – 10/7/19”

Back Blast – The Tank – 10/2/19

Pax: Airball, Atlas, Carlos’e, Con Air (FNG), Drysdale, Flounder, Holler, Johnny on the Pot, Meatball, PK, Rhythm, Short Bus, SnowDay (Q), Viking, Weedwacker, Worm, Yoshi, and Zipline. Weather: Clear and 70-ish. Started things off with a quick disclaimer at the seal. From there, we did an easy mozy towards the big lot/coupons. The pax thenContinue reading “Back Blast – The Tank – 10/2/19”

BB – The Tank – 8/28/19 – SnowDay Q

PAX (14): Flea, Worm, Short Hose, PK, Airball, Eastwood, Rhythm, Johnny on the Pot, Greenwich, Kilo, Chappo, Hot Wheels, Jinxy, & SnowDay (Q). Weather: 65, humid, and very gloomy. I kicked things off with a quick disclaimer that I am not a professional. In fact, I am far from it. Followed this up with aContinue reading “BB – The Tank – 8/28/19 – SnowDay Q”

BB – The Chopper – 8/16/19 – SnowDay Q

PAX: Kilo, Aqua Di Gio (FNG), Jitterbug (R), Carlos’e, Cutlass, Worm, Rhythm, Short Hose, Atlas, Zip Line, Drysdale, PK, Maxi, Ladybird (R), Emma (FND), Meatball, Wiki (FNG), Tony Malito, Jinxy, SnowDay (Q). Weather: Clear. Mid 60’s. Schweddy. I was drinkin’ when I wrote this, forgive if it goes astray. Man, I was excited for thisContinue reading “BB – The Chopper – 8/16/19 – SnowDay Q”

Pre-Blast – The Chopper 8/16/19 – SnowDay Q

We will hit a bit of everything this Friday at The Chopper. I plan on making use of the stone seating and small, but steep, hill between the ball fields. We will hit a bit of everything, however, this will be leg heavy. Coupons and the ground will be used, so bring some gloves. SYITG.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – The Chopper 8/16/19 – SnowDay Q”

BackBlast – The Tank – 6/26/19 – SnowDay Q

Weather: Clear and Humid. 74 Degrees. PAX: Atlas, Carlos’e, Drysdale, Jinxy, Johnny on the Pot, Meatball, PK, SnowDay (Q), FNG (Sparky… for now), sweetTART, and Worm. We started off with a little warm up of SSH, Abe Vigoda’s, and Kendra Newmans. This was followed up by an easy mosey over the the coupons and theContinue reading “BackBlast – The Tank – 6/26/19 – SnowDay Q”

BackBlast – The Chopper – 6/14/19 – SnowDay Q

PAX: Airball, Jitterbug (R), Meatball, and SnowDay (Q). Weather: 48 Degrees and Clear. Being that we had the capture the flag ruck to look forward to, I kept this one somewhat simple and easy. Nothing too intense or heavy. We started with a quick warm-up consisting of SSH’s, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans, and leg stretching.Continue reading “BackBlast – The Chopper – 6/14/19 – SnowDay Q”

PreBlast – The Chopper 6/14/19 – SnowDay Q

With the Capture the Flag Ruck in the back of my mind, I have decided to keep this one nice and somewhat “easy” in order to not do any harm that would possibly ruin my team’s chances of capturing other team’s flags, capturing the treasured “Kilo” flag, doing more merkins, picking up more trash, etc.Continue reading “PreBlast – The Chopper 6/14/19 – SnowDay Q”

BackBlast – The Chopper – 5/17/19 – SnowDay Q

PAX: Carlos’e, Crash, Drysdale, Flounder, Meatball, Meter Maid, PK, Storm Trooper, Thumbtack, Worm, and SnowDay (Q). Gave the ole’ disclaimer and informed everyone that we are going to be doing a bit of running. Okay, so it was mostly going to be running, but up hills… wet, soggy hills. We warmed up with an easyContinue reading “BackBlast – The Chopper – 5/17/19 – SnowDay Q”

Backblast – Big Mo – 4/15/19 – SnowDay Q

Weather: 39 degrees and dry. PAX: Hot Wheels, McAfee, Meatball, and SnowDay (Q). We warmed up with a slow-paced mosey around the circle to get the blood flowing as the temperatures were a bit balmy this morning. A good full-body stretch and we were off and lifting. Thang 1: Drop sets of the stations below.Continue reading “Backblast – Big Mo – 4/15/19 – SnowDay Q”

Back Blast – Big Mo – 1-28-19 – SnowDay Q

Weather: 30 degrees and clear. PAX: Aerobie (R), Flounder, Fungi, Hot Wheels, McAfee, Meatball, PK, SnowDay (Q), Tony Malito, and Weedwacker. COP: Warm up started with some SSH’s, Quad and Hammy Stretches, Down Dogs to hit the calves, and bit of an easy Mosey around the circle. Thang 1: Circle up around the “tomb” withContinue reading “Back Blast – Big Mo – 1-28-19 – SnowDay Q”

BackBlast – The Chopper – 12/28/18 – SnowDay Q

Weather: Low 50’s and the perfect amount of rain to cool us down. PAX: 19 (3 DR) HIM. Aerobie (R), Astro (DR), Captain Insane-O, Closer, Deep Dish, Drysdale, Dynomite, Huggies, Kilo, Maxi, Meatball, Nino, PK, Pitino (DR), Rhythm, SnowDay (Q), Tony Malito, Virtigo (DR), and Worm. Kicked things off with a short disclaimer, very briefContinue reading “BackBlast – The Chopper – 12/28/18 – SnowDay Q”

Pre-Blast – The Chopper – 12/28/18 – SnowDay Q

Well, it’s the last Chopper of 2018. What I was originally thinking of doing tomorrow (legs/plyo) was somehow hijacked by Kilo for the Tank on Wednesday. He had the Jedi mind stuff going on or something because that workout was top secret. Truth be told, he did it better than what I had in mind.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – The Chopper – 12/28/18 – SnowDay Q”

Back Blast – Big Mo (Vet’s Heavy) – 12/10/18 – SnowDay Q

12 HIM’s showed up at Big Mo this morning for a heavy lifting. Not sure about the other guys, but I felt pretty good when I pulled away in the red sleigh loaded down with some of our growing Big Mo toy collection. Now, as I type this, I can barely lift my arms. PAX:Continue reading “Back Blast – Big Mo (Vet’s Heavy) – 12/10/18 – SnowDay Q”

Pre-Blast – BigMo -12/10/18 – SnowDay Q

Come out to Veterans Park on Monday for a little heavy work with SnowDay. Bring a plate or dumbbell – 20 to 30 pounds… or heavier if you would like – to swing around. There will be some tire flippin’ and sledge hammer swingin’ as well. Going to introduce a few new things as well.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – BigMo -12/10/18 – SnowDay Q”

Backblast – The Silo – 11/19/18 – SnowDay Q

PAX: Alexa, Big Bird, Catfish, Dunphy, Gypsy, and SnowDay (Q) Weather: Low 40’s, 90% Humidity. The rain showed up for a quick 2 minutes while I scouted a running path. It then left as the PAX rolled in. COP: Side Stradle Hops, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans, and Downward Dog (Calf Stretch) Thang 1: Five minuteContinue reading “Backblast – The Silo – 11/19/18 – SnowDay Q”