BackBlast – The Tank – 6/26/19 – SnowDay Q

Weather: Clear and Humid. 74 Degrees.

PAX: Atlas, Carlos’e, Drysdale, Jinxy, Johnny on the Pot, Meatball, PK, SnowDay (Q), FNG (Sparky… for now), sweetTART, and Worm.

We started off with a little warm up of SSH, Abe Vigoda’s, and Kendra Newmans. This was followed up by an easy mosey over the the coupons and the big lot.

Thang 1:

I wanted this one to be an easy, you vs. you type of workout. Easy in the sense that you didn’t have to think to much… just keep moving. And if you forget what was next on the menu you could just look at the HIM next to you assuming you are moving at the same pace – unless that HIM is Carlos’e – or look at the scribble on the top of recycled shoe box top. We did 20 reps of each of the following using a heavy coupon and broke it up with a sprint down to the end of the parking lot and back (approximately 50 YDS each way) in between. This was AMRAP for 25 minutes.

  1. Merkins – Normal (10) and Narrow (10)
  2. Bent Over Row
  3. Bicep Curl
  4. Shoulder Press
  5. Squats – Regular (10) and Gobblet/Sumo (10)
  6. Manmakers

Thang 2:

After returning the coupons to their spot in left field, we moseyed over to the playground. Now, I had planned on doing this for a longer period of time, but as always, we didn’t have much time to burn so we all did one set of the following after breaking into three groups. Merkins were our pace setter.

  1. Side Step Merkins (?) – 20 Count
  2. Pull Ups – we used the rope climbing thingy for this, back to the ground.
  3. Wall Planks – we used the small inclines at the playground. Hands on the ground, feet at the top. Move side to side.

Thang 3:

Leaving the playground we headed back over to the seal for some Mary. For about 8 minutes or so we all called out a core movement. Johnny on the Pot dropped the bomb with a call out of 15 Bropees. Not expected, but a great way to change it up and finish with a bang.

COT: Announcements were made and we sent up a quick thank you to the Sky Q.

Welcome to FNG, Sparky. Soon to be renamed as I have been notified there are 2 other Sparky’s out there.


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