BackBlast – The Chopper – 12/28/18 – SnowDay Q

Weather: Low 50’s and the perfect amount of rain to cool us down.

PAX: 19 (3 DR) HIM. Aerobie (R), Astro (DR), Captain Insane-O, Closer, Deep Dish, Drysdale, Dynomite, Huggies, Kilo, Maxi, Meatball, Nino, PK, Pitino (DR), Rhythm, SnowDay (Q), Tony Malito, Virtigo (DR), and Worm.

Kicked things off with a short disclaimer, very brief run through of the weinke, and a quick warm up of SSH, Abe Vigodas, Toe Taps, and Kendra Newmans.

Thang 1.

Veterans Park has a nice loop that is roughly 1 mile in distance and provides changes in scenery and elevation. We mosied around this loop stopping every minute or so to do a set of 20 merkins of varying hand placement. We managed to stop six times in the loop doing at total of 40 wide merkins, 40 military merkins, and 40 diamond merkins, stopping at our next location where we would start our next thang.

Thang 2.

We grabbed the coupons and did 3 sets of the following moves. Each move was done for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between. 1 – Bicep Curls, 2 – Tricep Press, 3 – Shoulder Press, 4 – Bent Over Row, and 5 – Squat, Clean, and Press. After each set we did a quick suicide run to keep the heart rate up. Being that time was not on our side and the coupons weren’t swinging as consistent as they were when we started, we returned the coupons and made our way to the new playground area.

Thang 3.

The new playground area at Veterans has a nice rubber floor that worked well for the plank o rama that we were about to do. Using the same 45 on/15 off time setup as we did above, I called out high plank, elbow plank, arm out, mountain climber, etc. for 4 rounds.

Once the clock hit 6:15 we circled up at the seal for some count o rama and name o rama. This was followed up by several announcements and intentions. Please be sure to continually check Slack for all things F3 – black ops, 2nd and 3rd F opportunities, etc.

Thanks to all of those that came out this morning. With every post and Q I am reminded of what an awesome group of HIM we have here at F3 Louisville and how this group has allowed us all to grow as individuals.




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