Pre-Blast – The Chopper – 12/28/18 – SnowDay Q

Well, it’s the last Chopper of 2018. What I was originally thinking of doing tomorrow (legs/plyo) was somehow hijacked by Kilo for the Tank on Wednesday. He had the Jedi mind stuff going on or something because that workout was top secret. Truth be told, he did it better than what I had in mind. Plan B was to maybe hit a little upper body as I couldn’t feel my legs after leaving the Tank yesterday. That plan was squashed today by Hot Wheels at the Temple of Gloom. Oh what to do?… We’ll just have to work a little bit of everything. Jogging (pronounced “Yogg-ing”), Sprinting, Squatting, Pressing, Merkin…ing. Set that alarm. Grab your gloves. See you at the Chopper at 5:30.


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