Back-Blast – Burpee Challenge – Christmas Eve – 12-24-18

The PAX certainly did not disappoint on Christmas Eve morning! I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of attendance leading up to the event but I was thinking somewhere between 20-30 would come out. I was surprised and inspired to see the cars continue to roll in as we got closer and closer to 5:30a.m! In all, we had 40 PAX participate:


Captain Insane-o




Coffee Grinder


Banana Hands(R)

Mama’s Boy

Little Jerry(R)

Storm Trooper

Launch Pad(R)


Bob Ross

Jolly Rancher




Grandpa Bear










Meter Maid




Dry Rub

Mr. Kotter


Big Bird




We started off with the standard disclaimer and a short warm-up: Short Mosey, SSH x 25, Mountain Climbers x 30, Plank Jacks x 25, Grass Grabbers x 15. After the warm-up, we took a second and Dunphy gave an update on The Courage Foundation and where the idea for the challenge came from. If you missed it or weren’t able to attend, Mark Divine(Navy Seal) set a challenge in 2018 to complete 22,000,000 burpees to raise awareness for the 22 vets we lose to suicide each day. Through The Courage Foundation, he is encouraging people around the world to complete the burpees and donate based on number totals, etc. The proceeds all go to The Courage Foundation which offers innovative programs aimed at assisting vets that are struggling with PTS.

I’m pleased to announce that F3 Louisville, F3 Naperville and F3 Lexington combined for a grand total of 32,012 burpees! As of this morning, we have raised $4,057! This is an amazing feat. Big thanks to all of you that participated and have contributed to the cause.

The atmosphere was electric that morning and is something I will always look back and remember. The energy of the group when we come together and get behind something is unlike anything else. CI mentioned on Slack that there were times that he was thinking to himself, “I’ve had enough of this crap” but seeing the other PAX push through motivated him to keep going. At the end of the event, I mentioned that one of the biggest surprises or unexpected benefits of F3 for me has been the community engagement and the commitment to making an impact. I reflected on a Huggies ruck in November that took us to Veterans cemetery on Brownsboro Rd where we honored Marine Sgt. David Wimberg and his Mother. That was a game changer for me and an eye opening experience. From that point, I felt compelled to do my part to contribute to the group, to the community and to something bigger than myself. Dunphy brought the Burpee Challenge to the table and it was a must do.

As always, I appreciate and am humbled by the opportunity to be part of such a great group. I am personally, motivated and inspired by each of you for different reasons and for that I’d like to say thank you. I appreciate the turnout on Monday and I look forward to seeing what this group does next!


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