Back Blast – Big Mo (Vet’s Heavy) – 12/10/18 – SnowDay Q

12 HIM’s showed up at Big Mo this morning for a heavy lifting. Not sure about the other guys, but I felt pretty good when I pulled away in the red sleigh loaded down with some of our growing Big Mo toy collection. Now, as I type this, I can barely lift my arms.

PAX: Diablo, Flounder, Hot Wheels, Huggies, Kilo, Launch Pad (R), Meatball, PK, SnowDay (Q), Tool Time, Weedwacker, and Worm.

Weather: Clear and 24ish degrees.

Weedwacker was our official DJ coming through with the early AM jams… this was a nice way to get the blood flowing before we got the blood flowing. We started things off with a quick disclaimer and short overview of what to expect for the workout. This was followed up by a quick warm up consisting of SSH’s, Kendra Newmans, quad stretches, and hammy stretches. We then picked up our weights (ruck plates, weight plates, barbells, and/or kettle bells) and mosied over to the big lot where I had unloaded the toys.

Thang 1:

I had set up 8 stations based off of the equipment I brought combined with coupons on site and Worm’s battle ropes. Since we had 12 HIM’s, we put the weights to use by adding 4 more stations. Stations went as follows:

  1. Battle Ropes (Thanks Worm!)
  2. Sand bag Clean and Squat. Clean to shoulder height, full squat. Drop and repeat. The sandbag consisted of a 60 lb bag of sand wrapped with a construction garbage bag and lots of gorilla tape.
  3. Sandbag Pull and Cary. Pull was up a hill, approximately 30 – 40 feet. Pick up and carry back to the starting point. Same type of sandbag as noted above, nylon rope about 1″ thick.
  4. Deadlift. I went a little Bob Villa at home last night… Put the TV in the garage to catch some football and constructed a bar out of 2 x 4’s I had collecting dust in the garage. Not sure if Villa is a football fan, but anyway. At Big Mo we slid the ends into coupons on each end.
  5. Tractor Tire Flip. Not sure if we named our tire or not yet, but we flipped that bad boy like we were mad at it. The tire is roughly 200 lbs or so and was a freebie from a friend with a farm.
  6. Sledge Hammer Swing. Using what I believe is a 16 lb sledge we took out our aggression on a used semi tire (yet to be named as well – we’ll call it baby boy for now). Thanks for that tire, Kilo.
  7. Bollard Push. Using a 6′-6″ long steel bollard (steel post, 6″ round, 1/4″ thick – like you see in a parking lot) we did a small squat or just bend at the knees and pushed the bollard up and out with both hands. After 30 seconds this one started to burn.
  8. Bollard Press. Using the twin brother of the bollard mentioned above, we did more of a one arm shoulder press while in a lunge position. This one burned after about 5 reps.
  9.  Shoulder Press with barbells (I didn’t look, but I think they were 20 lbs).
  10. Kettlebell Swings with a single kettlebell, maybe 35 lbs.
  11. Gobblet Squats using a kettlebell, 35 lbs.
  12. Kettlebell Curls using a kettlebell, 35 lbs.

We did each of the stations above for 1 minute each with a 20 second rest between each round. Stations 9 – 12 were a late addition to the Weinke. Many thanks to Worm for his quick, on the spot thinking for sorting out the additional four spots. Upon completion, we loaded up the toys and worked our way back to the seal. If you haven’t been to the revamped Veterans Park yet, you need to check it out… very impressive seal of the United States embedded in the paver stones. Makes for the perfect spot to circle up.

Thang 2:

We had a little time to kill so we did 2 rounds of Merkins and Circle Squats using light weights that were brought to the site. This was followed up by some Mary called out by the PAX for the last 3 minutes or so.

COT: Count-O-Rama. Name-O-Rama. Announcements were made and we gave thanks to the man above for the perfect day and AO location as well as each other for the motivation and accountability factor the PAX provides for one another.

The Big Mo heavy workouts are a nice change up to the norm. If you get a chance, I would suggest you give it a shot. Don’t be afraid to get creative and step outside the comfort zone a little.




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