Back Blast -Violet @ the Ruiner 12/8

If you read the pre-blast you know that Saturday’s Christmas Letter post was Violet’s VQ.  How does the Christmas Letter work as a Q you may ask?  Well, keep reading for the details.   PAX – POPE!, Gillespie, OJ, Tammy Faye Baker, Trump, Wham!, Wylie (DR from N.C.), Viloet – VQ and Vincent co Q.

We moseyed over to the soccer field where Violet had base lines set at the opposite ends of the field – long ways.  After some COP warm up we all hit the end line for instructions on the Wieneke.  We were going to spell out the word Christmas doing an exercise beginning with letters in the word.  Each exercise would be followed by an increasing sprint the length of the field.

C – Contra Burpees – one sprint – full length of soccer field.

H – Hydraulic Squats – 2 sprints

R – Russian Twist – 3 sprints

I – Iron Hulk – 4 sprints

S – Supine Bicycle – 5 sprints

T – Turkish get-ups – 4 sprints

M – Merkins – 3 sprints

A – Alabama ass kickers – 2 sprints

S – Sumo squat – 1 sprint.

As fate would have it, there is nine letters in the Word Christmas and we had 9 PAX present.  We all line up at the end line and repeated all letters – one PAX member ran the length of the field and back while the PAX spelled out Christmas again doing the exercises, moving from letter to letter after a PAX member returned from the sprint.

The Q was well organized and certainly a challenge.  Great job Violet.  With the remaining 15 minutes, we wrapped up with a wall sit rotating sprint, 3 minutes of plank and Mary work.

COT wrapped up the Q and coffee was a warm welcome for those that could make it.

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