BackBlast – the T.O.G 12/12/19 Vincent (Q)

Just as I foretold in the pre-blast, it was a clear morning and the moon was lighting up the Gloom at the O.  PAX present – Loco, Cookie, Violet, Butcher, Flo Jo, Splinter, Yoshi, Jitterbug (R) and Vincent (Q).  The temp was 24 degrees when I climbed out of my car to get ready.  BeingContinue reading “BackBlast – the T.O.G 12/12/19 Vincent (Q)”

Back-Blast – Vincent Q “The TANK”

It was a crisp 35 degrees out and the typical Veteran’s Park wind was blowing in from the West.  It wasn’t as bad as some days so it was not going to take long to warm up.  Gearlander – Black tights, Grey Asics running shorts. F3 mudgear short sleeves under an Asics running shirt. 14Continue reading “Back-Blast – Vincent Q “The TANK””

Back Blast – The Ruiner 11/23. Vincent Q

If you read the pre-blast, you’ll know I was ready for a  rainy Saturday morning.  When I arrived at the O the sky was gray but no rain.  PAX that made it out to the Gloom – Drysdale, Meatball, Wham!, Violet, Tron and Vincent (Q). As soon as I got out of the car andContinue reading “Back Blast – The Ruiner 11/23. Vincent Q”

Vincent – Q the Ruiner 11/23 “Dodging the rain drops”.

It might be raining Saturday morning or it might not…..  Regardless, I will keep it moving with a leg focused workout.  I’ll keep your bodies off of the wet ground, but your hands will be on the ground so wear the proper gloves.  We will do a little bit of running between several stations.  TheContinue reading “Vincent – Q the Ruiner 11/23 “Dodging the rain drops”.”

Back Blast – B.O.W Vincent-Q

It was a perfect morning in the gloom and 7 HIM’s joined me for a Cul-de-sac killer workout.  The temperature was 51 degrees and we finished just as the sprinkles started coming down.  Gearlander for Zoo (if he still checks in for reading pleasure?)  Asics Dry fit long sleeve shirt – gray, black Under ArmorContinue reading “Back Blast – B.O.W Vincent-Q”

BackBlast – The Chopper 11/1 Vincent

It was a crisp morning on Friday but the chill was taken care of pretty quickly.  13 PAX joined me at the Chopper for a Merkin/running ladder.  Zip Line, Deep Dish, Meatball, Tony Malito, Sweet Tart, Jinxy, Meathead, Socket, Dynomite, Ripple, Stick UP, Yoshi, Lady Bird and Vincent(Q) worked our way through simple but effectiveContinue reading “BackBlast – The Chopper 11/1 Vincent”

PB – Q School Vincent Q “the Ruiner” 8/10

We are  wrapping up Q school week and the PAX numbers have been off the charts this week.  Come out and join me for the final workout of the week, where it all started – “the O”.    We will do a little bit of running, some coupon work and a good dose of coreContinue reading “PB – Q School Vincent Q “the Ruiner” 8/10″

Vincent B-Day Q @ the Ruiner 7/13

I had a great B-day weekend and it all started Saturday morning at the Ruiner.  16 HIM’s made it to the party: C.I., Glen Ross, Nugget, Seabass, Jinxy, Merlin, Duplo, Tuba (FNG), Tammy Faye Baker, Sand Trap, Face, Pope, Liberace, Scuba Steve, Red Roof and Vincent (Q).   We started on the tennis courts forContinue reading “Vincent B-Day Q @ the Ruiner 7/13”

Vincent B-Day Q @the Ruiner 7/13/19

It’s my birthday weekend and what better way to start it off than to Q the Ruiner.  My B-day is actually on Sunday, but yes, I am celebrating it all weekend.  We will go on a little field trip, and play around on the poshy grass at the soccer field with coupons.  Come out andContinue reading “Vincent B-Day Q @the Ruiner 7/13/19”

Back Blast – Vincent Q – the TANK!

Believe it or not, it was not raining this morning as nine PAX joined me for a TANK style beatdown.  Drysdale, Greenwich, Hot Wheels, Tony Malito, OJ, Meatball, Sweet Tart, Johnny on the Pot, McAfee and Vincent (Q) all got better this morning.  I made it to the VET a few minutes early to seeContinue reading “Back Blast – Vincent Q – the TANK!”

BBlast – Black Ops @ the “O” 6/17

PAX – Glen Ross, PED, Fergie, Fall Guy and Vincent (Q).  Weather – 68 degrees which is pretty cool but with all of the rain, the air was damp and heavy.  It did not take long for the sweat to start pouring.  Gear, New Balance running shoes,  Black Asics running shorts and a light blueContinue reading “BBlast – Black Ops @ the “O” 6/17″

Back Blast – The Ruiner 6/8 – Vincent Q

I was prepared for rain Saturday morning and there were drops hitting the windshield on the way to Seneca but by the time I arrived, the rain had stopped and terrain was for the most part dry.  3 HIM’s joined me for a lot of variety and a solid workout – Pope, Glen Ross andContinue reading “Back Blast – The Ruiner 6/8 – Vincent Q”

Pre-Blast – Vincent Q the “Ruiner” @ the “O” 6/8

I haven’t Q’d for a while so I am looking forward to tomorrow morning.  Saturday AM Posts followed by coffeteria are my favorite mornings.  It might rain tomorrow, but as the great philosopher Nugget has said, “you only get wet once”!  Plus it will be warm so you might actually embrace the rain as theContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Vincent Q the “Ruiner” @ the “O” 6/8″

Backblast 4.16.19 B.o.W Vincent-Q

Just as predicted, it was perfect morning in the gloom.  Big, bright moon and a crisp 47 degrees.  12 HIM’s including one FNG and after a long hiatus, Nomo joined in for some coupons and cardio.   Gearlander was simple,  Hind bright yellow dry fit, Asics running shorts, Swag’s sport socks and Mizuno running shoes.Continue reading “Backblast 4.16.19 B.o.W Vincent-Q”

BackBlast – the Ruiner St. Patrick’s day field trip – Vincent

I had my Wienke all planned out.  Still dealing with some injury issues, the plan was for minimal running but plenty of activity.  Then Buschhhhh  hits me up on Mumblechatter and reminded me of our field trip last year for some Guiness to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and 2nd F in the middle of aContinue reading “BackBlast – the Ruiner St. Patrick’s day field trip – Vincent”

Back Blast – Trojan Q the Ruiner 3/9/19

First, I have to apologize to Trojan for the severity of lateness with this back blast.  He reached out to take a Q while “DR” on business from Houston, so he deserves better.  I’d like to say it’s because my shoulders were too sore to type but really, it’s just been one of those weeks. Continue reading “Back Blast – Trojan Q the Ruiner 3/9/19”

Back Blast – Black Ops at the “O” 1/28/19.

Sitting at coffeteria Saturday AM, I asked Plumb Bob if we had a Q scheduled to run a Black Ops Monday morning at the O.   He checked and the calendar was blank – Opportunity!!  I volunteered to Q and got an HC on the spot.   At least there would be 2 of us. Continue reading “Back Blast – Black Ops at the “O” 1/28/19.”