Pre Blast Vincent Q. Black Ops @ the Hawk’s Nest 5/11/23 Cedar Creek Baptist 7709 Bardstown Rd.

Thursday morning might end up being the best gloom weather yet this spring. 60 degrees, clear and light winds. We had 10 post Tuesday morning in the storms so tomorrow could be huge! Come on out for a run heavy Vincent Q. Don’t worry, we will get in plenty of core as well. No couponsContinue reading “Pre Blast Vincent Q. Black Ops @ the Hawk’s Nest 5/11/23 Cedar Creek Baptist 7709 Bardstown Rd.”

Vincent Q- BlackOps @ The Hawk’s Nest 5/4/23. 7709 Bardstown Rd.

Tomorrow is Thurby so I know a lot of HIM’s are planning a day at the track enjoying mint Julep’s and other select beverages. Start your day early in the gloom at the Hawk’s Nest for a somewhat track themed work out. We will at least run in circles making left turns. Bring a couponContinue reading “Vincent Q- BlackOps @ The Hawk’s Nest 5/4/23. 7709 Bardstown Rd.”

Pre-Blast – Vincent Q – BlackOps @ The Hawk’s Nest. 4/27/23

Tomorrow looks like a great day for a field trip. Come on out to the newest F3 Lou Black Ops AO for a test ride and bring a friend. Bring a weight of choice and plan to lift a little, move a little, sweat a lot and get better. Cedar Creek Baptist at 7709 BardstownContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Vincent Q – BlackOps @ The Hawk’s Nest. 4/27/23”

Pre-Blast Vincent Q @ Cedar Creek Baptist – B.O. 4/11/23

“The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership” Tomorrow morning we will do just that as we kick off Cedar Creek Baptist as a new F3 location with workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The church is just south of Gene SnyderContinue reading “Pre-Blast Vincent Q @ Cedar Creek Baptist – B.O. 4/11/23”

Vincent – 5 Yr. Postiversary @ the Chopper Vets Park 9/23

Tomorrow will be an Epic morning at the Vet. It will be the 5 year anniversary of my first post in the gloom. It will also be my 628th post and 75th Q. I don’t have anything new or special planned. Just an easy/not so easy ladder. Bring a coupon and be ready to getContinue reading “Vincent – 5 Yr. Postiversary @ the Chopper Vets Park 9/23”

Vincent Q – The Ruiner @ the “O” 8/27

Calling on all of you OG’s. It is time to make your return to the gloom, @Mayberry, @Nugget, @Red Roof, @TRUMP, @Cutlass, @Captian Insane-o, @Face…….. And there are many more. Come on out tomorrow morning to the place where it all started, The “O”. No coupons needed and be ready to tour some old favoriteContinue reading “Vincent Q – The Ruiner @ the “O” 8/27″

Pre-Blast – 4/9 Vincent Q @ the Chopper.

It has been a busy several weeks and I have not been out in the gloom very much lately. One way to remedy that – sign up to Q. Tomorrow morning will be ideal for starting off the weekend. Bring a coupon, plate or sand bag and plan on a good mix of core, cardioContinue reading “Pre-Blast – 4/9 Vincent Q @ the Chopper.”

Back Blast – Vincent Q B.O.W 1/19

Due to a little miss-communication there was no Q at the Bag of Wrenches this morning. Soooo, I took it. 9 PAX got better this morning. Violet, Handbook, Russticulous, Flo-Jo, No Nuts, Tammy Faye Baker, Nan Moore and Jitterbug ran a bunch if suicides this morning. We moseyed to the tennis courts for COP whichContinue reading “Back Blast – Vincent Q B.O.W 1/19”

Vincent Q – The Chopper @ the VET 12/18/20

Tony Malito left Bunghole in great shape as he took over the site Q responsibilities for the Chopper – no one on the schedule. Therefore I am taking Friday the 18th and running back the Q I led at the Mutt a few weeks ago. No coupons needed – be ready to climb the ladderContinue reading “Vincent Q – The Chopper @ the VET 12/18/20”

Vincent Q – 11/11/20 The Blender @ The Mutt – Back-blast.

I volunteered to Q the Blender yesterday and then checked the forecast later. Rain. We lucked out and the rain had moved through just leaving wet pavement. Others must have checked the hour by hour because 9 joined me for the Post – Glen Ross, Buschhhh, Ball Boy, Tiger, Motor Boat, Old Bay, Violet, PlumbContinue reading “Vincent Q – 11/11/20 The Blender @ The Mutt – Back-blast.”

Vincent Q – The Blender @ The Mutt 11/11/20

I volunteered to take the Blender this morning when Backdraft said it was not covered and he had to work. Then I found out it might be wet. Not to worry, it will not be cold. We will do a lot of moving in a You vs You format. Laps and stations, laps and station,Continue reading “Vincent Q – The Blender @ The Mutt 11/11/20”

Back-Blast – Vincent Q the Chopper

It was a perfect Friday morning – clear skies and 62 degrees. 21 PAX members (see Attendance) agreed and joined me for a Thabata / Core based Wienke. I arrived at the Chopper a little early even though setup was minimal and several cars were already in the lot. And they kept coming! My intentionContinue reading “Back-Blast – Vincent Q the Chopper”

Black Ops @ St Mathews Baptist Sat 10/10 6:30 AM

For anyone that can help we are setting up tables/tents at St Mathews Baptist Church for breakfast after the convergence. I will lead a workout starting at 6:30 AM. They are opening up the church at 7:30 and Panera is delivering food at 7:45 AM. The workout will be cardio, core and we will utilizeContinue reading “Black Ops @ St Mathews Baptist Sat 10/10 6:30 AM”