Back Blast – Vincent Q B.O.W 1/19

Due to a little miss-communication there was no Q at the Bag of Wrenches this morning. Soooo, I took it. 9 PAX got better this morning. Violet, Handbook, Russticulous, Flo-Jo, No Nuts, Tammy Faye Baker, Nan Moore and Jitterbug ran a bunch if suicides this morning. We moseyed to the tennis courts for COP which consisted of SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Smurf Jacks and some stretching. Next, we lined up for an exercise, ran a full 4 tennis court suicide then did a core exercise. We repeated this several times with different sets. Since I did not plan it, I don’t remember all we did but, it did include T-merkins, Dry Docks, Squat Jacks, Lunges, Burpees, Freddy Mercs, Reverse crunches, Davincis, flutter kicks and some other stuff. I added a wall sit race and a Merkin waterfall for good measure. Once complete we moseyed the long way back to the flag for Count, Names and COT. Until next time – SYITG Vincent.

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