Back Blast- BO at The O-12-10-12

PAX: Backdraft, Blueprint, Snowman, Pork Chop, Tin Cup, Plumb Bob (Q)

It was cold, but 6 HIMs showed up to get better at the The O for our regular Black Ops.  We were all ready to get moving so the introduction and disclaimer was short and we started our mosey.  We stopped for some warmup and stretches consisting of grass grabbers, imperial walkers, shoulder stretches, Michael Phelps, downward dog, and a cobra stretch.


We moseyed over to the playground for 2 sets of 10 pull ups and 20 dips in front of the lovely public restroom.  Then repeat-o.


We grabbed coupons and headed to the large tennis court area.  Each of the four corners was a station.  Each time around focused on a different type of exercise:

1st time around-Lifting with overhead coupon carry between each station

  1. curls
  2. overhead press
  3. rows
  4. bench press

2nd time around-Legs with broad jumps between each station.  After the first set of broad jumps I realized I may have been a little ambitious so I called an audible and we lunged the two long distances between stations and broad jumped the short ones.

  1. squats with coupons
  2. mountain climbers
  3. back step lunges
  4. monkey humpers

3rd time around-Ab work with Bernies between stations

  1. LBC
  2. V-ups
  3. American hammers
  4. big boys

4th time around-Jacks with cariocas between stations

  1. SSH
  2. plank jacks
  3. squat jacks
  4. seal jacks

5th time around was a repeat of the first time around

By this time our arms and shoulders were smoked so we put away the coupons and circled up for some cool down stretches for the last 4 minutes.

COT: We had a few announcements and intentions and gave thanks for the opportunity to get together and get better.

Thanks for the PAX for showing up in the cold.  This is a great BO we have going on and the schedule is wide open for some volunteers to Q.

Plumb Bob


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