Backblast – Big Mo – 4/15/19 – SnowDay Q

Weather: 39 degrees and dry.

PAX: Hot Wheels, McAfee, Meatball, and SnowDay (Q).

We warmed up with a slow-paced mosey around the circle to get the blood flowing as the temperatures were a bit balmy this morning. A good full-body stretch and we were off and lifting.

Thang 1:

Drop sets of the stations below. 45 seconds heavy/45 seconds light for 2 rounds.

  1. Tractor Tire Flip/Thrusters with CMU Block
  2. Sledge Hammer Swing/Lat Pull-over
  3. Shoulder Press with Dumbells/Shoulder Press with CMU Block
  4. Dead Lift with two CMU Blocks/Dead Lift with one CMU Block
  5. Squats with 60 lb Sandbag/Squats with CMU Block
  6. Upright Row with 60 lb Sandbag/Upright Row with CMU Block

Thang 2:

One round (due to time constraints) of each of the following.

  1. Bicep Curl x20 (Standard) with Dumbells
  2. Bicep Curl x20 (Hammer) with CMU Block
  3. Tricep Extension x20 (Overhead) with CMU Block
  4. Tricep Merkin x20

Thang 3:

Load the truck and return the coupons to their home.


A quick reminder that the Convergence Fund PayPal account is out there to help with the cost of catering for coffeteria following Convergence. Also, Meatball has the Q at The Tank this Wednesday. A quick prayer and we were off and running to get on to the next thang of the day.


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